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   Chapter 94 No.94

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5378

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"Yes, " Myranda said, the effort of doing so nearly breaking the concentration.

"Feed it, " his voice replied.

At first, Myranda was at a loss. Feed it what? Fire needed wood or oil, something to burn. She had nothing. It mystified her that this flame could even exist, floating in mid-air. What did he mean?

"Feel the heat, " the dragon instructed.

Slowly, Myranda became aware of a dull feeling of warmth filtering into her mind from the outside.

"Now feel beyond the heat. Feel it with your mind, " he said.

Myranda probed further. After an eternity, she finally found it. The feeling came like a torrent. It was the energy of the fire. Not the temperature or the light, something deeper than that. Something fundamental. The essence of the fire. Feeling it now was like opening her eyes for the first time. It was a new sense, one she would later find was the basis for all of the magic she would be taught.

"Just as the fire has an energy, so does your spirit. Look inside yourself. Feel your energy. Control it, " he said.

Myranda turned her focus inward slightly, searching for the same sort of power that she felt in the flame. Gradually, she became aware of an energy within. It wasn't the same feeling as the fire, but it was similar. Controlling the strange power was a challenge. If feeling the essence was like using a new sense for the first time, controlling it was like using a new limb.

Myranda did not know where to begin. Every minor attempt she made to influence it resulted in an almost random shifting and changing of the power. It was like trying to learn to wigg

ena. Just follow Solomon, " he said as he rushed off toward his hut.

With the support of Deacon's arm so suddenly gone, Myranda nearly tumbled to the ground. Thankfully, Myn rushed to the faltering side to shore her up.

The pair made their way unsteadily to a bizarre sight. There was an enormous circle of crystal on the ground, perhaps one hundred paces across. At three points along the edge, there were spires of the same crystal, each elegantly carved from bottom to top with various runes and symbols. The crystal was clear as water, perhaps with a tint of blue. Solomon was waiting at the edge.

In a few inaudible words of his language, he summoned Myn, who would only leave Myranda's side when the wavering girl had taken a seat on the ground. Then the two dragons stepped onto the crystal surface and swiftly vanished. Myranda struggled to decide whether what she had seen had actually happened, or if her ailing mind was playing tricks with her eyes. She was still working at it when Deacon carefully sat beside her, holding a steaming cup in his hands.

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