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   Chapter 92 No.92

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5006

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"Is fire magic difficult?" she asked.

"It is one of the more taxing disciplines. Generally, the training is saved until a student has built up more substantial reserves by practicing less energy-intensive magics, like wind, " he said.

"So wind magic is easier than fire?" Myranda surmised.

"Officially, all of the elemental magics are equal. Frankly, though, one may come to a rather respectable level of mastery in the art of wind in half of the time it would take to do so in the others, " Deacon said, glancing nervously about. "But do not tell Ayna I said that."

"What about her? Is she a good teacher?" Myranda asked.

"Highest Master, " he said.

"Excuse me?" Myranda said, unsure of the reason she had been corrected.

"She will require you to refer to her as Master at least, but almost certainly Highest Master. Never teacher. After the years she spent climbing the ladder, she wants to be sure no one forgets it. As for her teaching skill. . . it has been adequate for the lower levels. At least, as long as you behave yourself, " Deacon said.

"Behave myself?" Myranda questioned.

"She is quite the opposite of Solomon. Extraordinarily impatient and enormously temperamental. Dare I say that her only redeeming value is her utterly comprehensive knowledge of her chosen art? She has attained a level of intensity and dexterity that previously existed only in theory. I have seen her untie and retie a knot with the force of air alone. Astounding. And the utter power!

she can be a bit too playful sometimes. She lives down at the lake, " he said.

"She sounds nice. I wish I was taking her bit first, " Myranda said.

"They are all a treat when you get to know them. I expect that you will be great friends, " Deacon said.

"I notice that you don't seem to be on the list of teachers, " Myranda said.

"Well, as Cresh was kind enough to point out, I am not a required portion of the curriculum. White and black magics are, but the elementals have seen to it that they come first, and you can reach a fairly high level of mastery on their teachings alone. If I am to be included, it must be by your choice, and I am quite sure your plate is full, " he said.

"There may be room for a bit more, " Myranda said.

"What do you mean? You wish to learn the gray arts?" he said, cautiously optimistic.

"Since I arrived, I have only met a handful of people willing to speak Northern, and only you have done so without expecting anything from me, " she said.

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