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   Chapter 91 No.91

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4970

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"If you must remain, then you will. Starting tonight, you are my pupil. You will do as I say, " Solomon said. Though his words were ominous, his tone was as steady as it had ever been. He did not speak as a warning or a threat. It was merely a statement of fact. When he had finished speaking, he departed.

Myranda turned to Deacon.

"Tonight!?" she exclaimed.

"Solomon does not sleep in the same way that you or I do. He tends to most of his affairs at sunrise and sunset, with sleep coming during the day as often as night, or sometimes not at all for a week, " he said.

"But why so soon?" she asked.

"I suppose he has a special interest in you. In very short order, the whole of the village will share that interest. No one has been assigned directly to a Master since we made the distinction between the different levels of expertise centuries ago, and now you will be apprenticing to four!" he said.

"I am not sure that I am ready, " she said.

"By rights, you should be years from ready. That is of no concern of yours, though. Whatever difficulties you may experience rest squarely upon the shoulders of Solomon now. . . Are you all right?" Deacon said.

Myranda's head was reeling, and she appeared unsteady.

"This is all moving so quickly, " she said. "I barely know where I am, and now I am going to be a student to a Master wizard. People are fighting over me. I just. . ."

"Calm yourself. You have time. There is no pressure. The pace is yours to set.

ls. However, since you are being skipped to the expert level, you may be given the instruction intended for the more experienced. In that case, you would be tested for endurance, and given more complex spells. At any rate, you can be certain that he will teach you to conjure flame, control its size, and dictate its behavior, " Deacon explained. "I am quite eager to see how he will handle the process, however."

"I thought you said you have been through all of this before!" she exclaimed.

"I have, but I had to work my way up. Usually a student is already well-versed in a magic by the time they come under the tutelage of the Masters. As a result, all that remains for the Masters to do is survey the skills of the student and administer some sort of test to see that some minimum level of mastery has been met. Then, when the other Masters have done likewise, the student may return to specialize his or her training. Most of us spend only a few days with each Master, " he said.

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