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   Chapter 89 No.89

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5567

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The two reached Myranda's hut, where Myn was still sleeping. Deacon focused a brief flash of concentration on her and she was immediately awake. She thanked Deacon by pouncing on him once again for being too close to Myranda. With the dragon keeping the pair carefully separated, Deacon and Myranda sought out the healer's hut, where Leo was just testing out his freshly repaired legs. Myn scampered about him while Myranda gave him a stern look.

Finally, the group entered the large hut at the center of a very large courtyard in the middle of the village. Inside it was solemn as a church. Unlike the crystals that gave light to the other huts, this one was lit entirely with flickering candles. At the back of the room, in a simple wooden chair, was the woman who could only be the Elder that they spoke of. She did not appear very old, but one glimpse of her told of a wisdom that would have taken two lifetimes to gain. She was dressed as simply as the others; only a gold-colored sash draped about her neck made her stand out. Her hair was gray and pulled gracefully back behind her shoulders. She was clearly elfin in nature, with a tall, thin physique and distinctive ears.

The only other occupants of the room were a handful of men and women who were busy at various tasks, mostly involving large leather-bound books.

When the three stood before her, Deacon introduced them in yet another new language. Myranda bowed when she heard her name. Leo stood firm when his was spoken. Myn had locked her gaze on the Elder the moment she had seen her, and refused to look away. The little dragon must have sensed something about her, felt her power, and was en

ry symphony of different languages. Deacon's expression was one of helpless concern as his words grew more desperate in tone. Finally, he stepped away from the other three, who had been essentially ignoring him since the beginning. Approaching Myranda, he struggled to make himself heard over the din.

"I think you and I had best take our leave, " he said, Myn too concerned with the bellowing of the others to object to his presence.

"You'll get no arguments from me!" she replied.

The trio walked briskly out the door, with Myn nearly crashing into the doorway rather than take her eyes off of the fray long enough to see where she was going. Once outside the door, she wedged herself between Myranda and Deacon once more and spread her attentions between him and the noisy hut. When they were just barely midway to the end of the courtyard, Myranda stopped and attempted to question the odd spectacle that they had just witnessed.

"Oh, no. Not here. We will discuss it at the edge of the courtyard, " he said, hurrying her along.

"Why so far?" she asked as Deacon urged her to a near sprint.

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