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   Chapter 88 No.88

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5424

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"Watch, " he said.

First, he refilled the ink. Next, He opened the book from his bag and pulled the stylus from behind his ear. After flipping through his book to see that there were far more than a dozen pages to be recorded, he found the first page and began to trace over the first word. As he did so, the quill on the desk rose up and dipped itself in the ink. It then floated to the blank page and began to duplicate the strokes made by the original. Deacon reached into his pocket with his free hand and withdrew the crystal. Clutching it briefly, he removed his hand from the stylus. Without skipping a beat, the stylus continued tracing over the words on its own. He stood back with a smile as the words from the page were transcribed automatically.

"Had I been bright enough to keep the ink bottle filled, this would have been finished just a few moments after I had stopping writing in my travel book, " he grumbled.

"That is incredible!" she said.

"If that is incredible, then you are quite easily impressed. I was able to perform that particular feat when I was twelve years old, " he said, putting the crystal away.

"Twelve!? When did you start learning magic?" she asked.

"Shortly after I was born. As a matter of fact, my first words were an incantation. I believe that it was. . . Oh, what did they tell me? Illuminate. I would babble the words over and over and the little crystal that they had given me would start to glow, " he said.

"This is a wonderful place, " Myranda said, walking about and looking over the books.

"Now that I can agree with, " Deacon said, turning to make certa

ritten message to Deacon, who thanked him in what must have been his native language. After reading the note, he folded it and placed it in his pocket.

"Well, the time has come. The Elder wants to see the newcomers now. Let us not keep her waiting, " he said.


"We will have to awaken Myn and bring Leo, " Deacon explained, leading Myranda out the door. "The Elder will need to see them as well."

"Who is the Elder? Why do we have to see her?" Myranda asked.

Deacon answered as they walked.

"The Elder is the most learned member of our ranks. She represents the very wisest and balanced of the Masters, and is one of only two Archmages. She is essentially our leader, making sure that all relevant decisions are well-made. She will determine what skills you and your friends have, and what training will suit you best. In fact, despite the fact that Solomon and Ayna both chose you to be their student, the Elder must be the one to allow it. If she thinks poorly of the choice, then you will have to work your way through the ranks like everyone else, " he said.

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