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   Chapter 86 No.86

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5128

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"I'll mark it down, " Deacon said.

"See that you do. And you, Myranda. Don't let all of that fire nonsense cloud your mind. Air is the true essence of this world. Oh, and do ask Deacon here to teach you a decent language. It must be awful to be confined to this wretched little dialect, " she said.

In a flash she was gone.

"What just happened?" Myranda asked.

"It would seem you are caught in a little power struggle. That makes two of the Highest Masters who have demanded you be passed right to them. This is a huge opportunity for you. If you pick things up quickly, you can trim years off of the path to mastery! Outstanding!" he said.

"Air magic, fire magic. I never said I wanted to learn anything like that. All I ever wanted was to heal people, " Myranda said.

"Don't worry, you'll have your white magic training. It is actually the smallest of our areas of study. Not many white wizards found it necessary to experience trial by beast, " he said. "But, in addition, we require that you reach at least a basic understanding of all four elemental magics. I believe I mentioned that."

"I am not sure I like her. Ayna, I mean, " Myranda said.

"That's all right. By the time you're through with her you will be quite sure that you don't like her, " he said.

"How comforting, " she said flatly. "What are these buildings?"

Deacon looked about.

"Well, this hut is the home of Caloth. He is an apprentice to Twila right now. She is one of our few dedicated white wizards. That is the hut of Milla. She i

As a result, it is very intuitive, and all other wizards know at least a bit of it. A person who devotes his life to the study and development of gray magic is something akin to a chef who specializes in boiling water or a poet who specializes in punctuation. No one will deny the importance of the area, but few will call for work to be done to improve it, " he said.

"Why did you become interested in it, then?" she wondered.

"It wasn't the subject that interested me, it was the practitioner. We had only one wizard who was at all versed in the complexities of gray. His name was Gilliam, and he seemed to have devoted his life to being as different from the rest of the world as possible. He was something of a scoundrel. You see, illusions are included in my area, and they were his forte. He could make it appear that he had done anything. Cure the sick, summon creatures, even raise the dead. None of it was real, but he made it seem so long enough to make off with the reward for solving the problem at hand.

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