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   Chapter 85 No.85

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"You have never been outside of this place?" she said.

"As I mentioned, we have not had a newcomer in more than thirty years, and I am only twenty-five. I was born here, " he explained. "Frankly, being outside would be unbearable to me. There is so much to do here. So much that needs to be done. If I had to worry about things like the war or where my next meal was coming from, I would never get anything done."

"That seems sad to me, " Myranda said.

"There is no need to pity me. If you are through eating, I would like to show you around this prison you are so sympathetic about, " he said.

She agreed and the two were off.


Out of habit, Myranda braced herself as they left the dining hut, ready for a blast of cold, but none came. Anywhere else that Myranda had ever been would still have patches of snow at this time of year, but here it was heavenly. The air was cool, the breeze was mild.

There was something majestic about the waterfall to the west as it fell from ledge to ledge along a sheer cliff, finally reaching the ground to bathe a corner of the valley in its fine mist. The whole of the village was in a vast, half-moon-shaped valley. The curved side was composed of the cliffs of the mountain. On the other side, the ground dropped off sharply. Beyond that was ocean. The end result was a sparse village spread out over a piece of land the size of a large city, nestled in a notch cut into the endless forbidding seaward-face of the mountains. They were far too high to be seen by a passing ship, and Myranda had heard tales of th

ound just fine. Myranda, this is Ayna. She recently earned the position of Highest Master of Wind Magic, " he said.

As he spoke, Ayna was darting around Myranda, inspecting her from all angles. Myranda tried to turn to face her, but the fairy just flitted in another direction in a blur.

"You don't seem to be anything special, " she said.

"I never claimed to be, " Myranda replied.

"Still, Solomon has been at this for quite a while. He ought to know a prime pupil. It is just like him to snatch up the first good one in years. I want her first, " Ayna declared.

"I'm afraid Solomon made it quite clear. He was to have her before all others, " Deacon said.

"So I'll challenge him, " she said. "Why should he get to influence the newcomers with his element and prejudice them against mine?"

"He holds seniority over you. He can take his pick of any student, " Deacon said.

"Fine. I want her next. Immediately. I mean it, as soon as she passes his trial, that day I want her in my grove for her first lesson, " Ayna said.

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