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   Chapter 84 No.84

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He turned back to the dragon and continued.

"Yes. . . As a matter of fact, I was able to test my temperature restoration spell on her. . . Well, clearly she is. . . Oh, it is not that dangerous." He turned to her. "You feel well, correct?"

"Yes, " she said, made a bit nervous by the direction the conversation was taking.

"There, see?. . . I do not know." He turned to her one last time. "Do you speak any languages besides the northern one?"

"I am rather well-versed in Tresson, " she said.

Solomon's reptilian eyes rolled. He let a harsh, grating hiss loose that startled Myranda. His mouth then yawned wide and cracked and snapped as he tested its movement.

"Of the two. . ." he said in a very harsh but understandable voice. Another hiss, twice the intensity of the first, was released before he finished the statement. "I prefer Northern."

After clearing his throat, the dragon's voice was smoother. It was deep, but not outlandishly so, and resonated with power. There was an unquestionable sense of authority in his words. His tone was steady, and there was a slow deliberate cadence to his speech.

"Where did you discover your dragon?" he asked.

"I was in Ravenwood. It was beginning to snow, and there was a cave nearby. I ventured inside for shelter. I didn't know that there was a dragon inside. Then a second one arrived and they began


"I don't think you will need to worry about that. You see, we won't be letting you kill any of us, and you are not likely to encounter anyone else. It is entirely academic, " he said. "So, what sort of healing have you learned? Our healers tend to specialize in--"

"You are talking as though I am never going to leave this place, " she interrupted.

"Very few of us ever do leave, " he explained matter-of-factly.

"Am I a prisoner here?" she asked.

"In a way, but not because of us. That waterfall is blocking the only semi-safe means of egress, and it stops its flow for only a few days every few months. When the falls have relented, escape is possible, but. . . well, for most of us there is nothing for us outside. Here there is comfort, safety, and enough knowledge to live a long, full life learning and perfecting it. I, for one, have never even become curious about the outside, " he said.

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