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   Chapter 83 No.83

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5032

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"I wish I knew more, " she said.

"I will show you to the library one of these days. You should be able to find something in his records, " he said.

"You keep records?" she said.

"Of course. Otherwise it would be very difficult to assign credit where it is due, " he said.

The promise of information about the infuriating malthrope was enough to calm Myranda's anger for the time being, and the first bowl of stew took the desperation from her hunger. As she refilled her bowl, she became curious about her newest friend. He was equally curious about her, and the two decided to start what would turn out to be a lengthy question and answer session.

"When I first came here, you called this place Entwell. . . Entwell Num. . ." She struggled to remember.

"Entwell Num Garastra, " he said. "The Belly of the Beast."

"That is it. Why do you call it that? And what is this place?" she asked.

"Oh, well. You see. . . Are you sure you do not know this story? What I am about to tell you is generally the reason people find this place, " he said.

"I came here because I was being followed and Leo promised me safety, " she said.

"Ah, well, then I will enlighten you. You see, long, long ago, people began entering the cave and not returning. Before long, people began to believe there was a creature within that was taking their lives. Periodically, a hideous roar would serve to support that theory. So it became a test of skill. The king of. . . Ulvard at the time, called upon the str

hat Myn tended to give, Solomon wore a very stern look on his face. Deacon wore a look of concern.

"Myranda. . . Solomon is among our eldest and most sage wizards, " he said.

"Oh. I. . . I am sorry. It's just that, oh my, he is so small. I didn't know, " Myranda said, mortified.

The dragon turned to Deacon and began what must have been a conversation. Solomon spoke in a near inaudible series of low hisses, guttural growls, and slight movements. Deacon did the courtesy of answering in northern dialect, so that at least she could follow half of the conversation.

"Yes, she did bring the other dragon in. . . Well, we had to do some reconstruction on the legs of the other newcomer and she was protecting him from the healers. . . I would have, but Myranda here was closer, so I asked for her help first. . . Yes, she did, " he said, turning to Myranda. "Unprecedented, by the way--I've checked. You and your friends are the first to ever enter this place after the falls had given way."

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