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   Chapter 80 No.80

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5009

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"Oh, well, yes. That would explain it, " he said. "I can find you a soft bed and some fresh clothes if you like."

"You can?" Myranda said.

"Oh, yes. All of the amenities, " he said with a chuckle. "Follow me."

She stood, but woozily stumbled. Deacon was quick to lend his arm to steady her. As the pair moved away from the deafening falls, Myranda gained her first clear look at the place she had been striving to reach for the past few days. Stretching out before her, nestled in the shadow of the cliffs towering behind, was a small village. The houses were simple huts with thatched roofs. The perfect little buildings with the rosy sky behind them looked more like a painting than someplace that might actually exist. There was no snow on the ground. Much to her surprise, the gravelly ground surrounding the falls gave way to emerald green grass.

As if this did not distinguish this village enough, the hamlet was alive with activity. Here was a young man sitting under a tree, there a trio of older men and women in a heated discussion. Birds, butterflies, and even what she swore was a tiny, winged person fluttered by. There were representatives from a myriad of races. Elves, dwarfs, humans--all in the open and interacting. It was a surreal sight, and Myranda was entranced. It was as though she was seeing life as it should be for the first time. Her trance was broken when Deacon was knocked forcefully to the ground. She turned to see Myn standing atop the fallen helper.


ith a dragon is generally inadvisable. However, if you have been doing so for this long then it is clearly not an issue, " he said. "In a wardrobe in your bedroom, you will find a number of blue robes and tunics. They should fit well enough until we can make some specifically for you. I will make the necessary arrangements for you. You just have a well-earned rest. When you wake, find the nearest person and they will set you on your way."

"But where will you be?" she asked.

"Likely I will be scribing. It consumes most of my time. Anyone in the village will be more than willing to help you, you needn't come to me. However, if you need me, just say my name and someone will point you in my direction, " he said.

He took his leave and closed the door. Myranda quickly changed into the fresh clothes. They were a bit too large for her, but as the first change of clothes she'd had in weeks, they were heavenly. She fell into the bed and was asleep before Myn joined her a moment later.

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