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   Chapter 79 No.79

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4853

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The latter current caught them, sweeping the pair forcefully along the wall just as Myranda's breath gave out. Spent air burst from her lips and a desperate, raking breath pulled in a lungful of frigid water. She convulsed as she smashed into the rocky edge of the pool. Darkness was closing in about her as she felt a pair of hands grip her arm and drag her from the pool.


A series of painful coughs spewed the water from Myranda's lungs and she gulped gratefully at the fresh air. Her vision was a swirl of indistinct forms as she was helped to her feet.

"Myn!" she managed. "Myn!"

She could feel the shivering beast brush weakly against her before dropping to the dry ground. Myranda was vaguely aware of being led along. Somehow she was on her feet, shuffling with a strong arm supporting her. She was barely cognizant of her own movement. Her helper lowered her to a seat and a blanket was thrown about her shoulders. The shapes that swept before her eyes were clearing. Before long she recognized a hand. She raised her eyes and struggled to focus on the face. Her hearing was nearly as poor as her sight, the roaring water still ringing in her ears. Mingled with the sound of water was a periodic sound she couldn't identify.

As she tried to steady herself, she realized that the sharp, grating noise she was hearing was her own coughing. When she finally calmed herself and her senses returned to her, she looked to her anonymous h

ored to normal. Cold became comfortable, numb became normal, and nowhere in between. There was no feeling of warmth, no tingling, simply an instantaneous return to normal. A second streak of light swept over her clothes, drying them.

"There, " Deacon said. "How do you feel?"

As she began to answer, he scrambled to draw a thick, leather-bound book from his bag and began marking down all that she said with a stylus he had perched behind his ear.

"I feel fine, " she said.

"No excessive heat? And tactile sensation--normal? Excellent, excellent, " he said.

"What did you do?" she asked.

"The procedure is quite simple. It has escaped common use because the techniques it entails are not generally associated with white magic, " he said. "You seem tired. Are you?"

"Very, " she said.

"That is not a side effect I had anticipated. Perhaps. . ." he began.

"I don't think your spell is to blame. I haven't slept in more than a day, " she said.

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