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   Chapter 78 No.78

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5351

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"The world runs away from you!" he said incredulously. "That is not how I remember it. When we first met, what were you doing? You came into an inn and sat as far as possible from anyone else. You closed yourself to your surroundings, so much so that you failed to notice your money being stolen. When I helped you out, you scurried upstairs and locked the door behind you. You were the one running. That is the trouble with your kind. Everything is always about you until the time comes to find fault. Sickening, " he said.

His words were tinged with anger. It added a new quality to his voice, something vaguely familiar. Myranda was struck to the core by his words. Partially because they were so harsh. Partly because they were so true. She did protect herself from those around her. She had ever since she was a child. The only way to be sure no one learned of her feelings on the war was to keep them at arm's length. A part of her isolation was choice.

"I am sorry if my words hurt you, but. . . I just need silence right now, " Leo said, less an apology and more a warning. He seemed not to be in control of his emotions, as though something had a hold over him.

A few moments passed. Leo stopped suddenly and shuffled to a wall, putting an ear to it.

"Leo, " she said.

He clenched his fists and whipped his head around, sudden fury seizing him.

"What now!?" he raged.

The final word echoed off of the walls relentlessly. The echoes drove into Myranda's mind, stirring her thoughts. That word. That voice. She knew them. The echoes continued. A dark, painful memory emerged. I

ke any headway. Every ounce of effort went to maintaining their position. A slight ripple in the rocky tunnel was enough to keep Myranda from sliding back, but Myn was not so lucky.

The dragon scratched desperately at the wall of the tunnel. She was losing the fight, flailing and slipping backward. Myranda took one hand away from its grip to guide the beast to the hand hold. Now with a firm grip, the two began to slowly pull themselves forward. Leo's form was barely visible ahead, pulling himself along in much the same way. Just ahead of him was the edge. Beyond that there was only light. Daylight.

As the girl and the dragon neared the opening, the current intensified. Myranda's chest heaved as her lungs begged for air. She reached out, managing to grasp the rounded edge of the opening with one hand. With the other, she grabbed the claw of her friend. In a final flurry of effort, she pulled the two of them into the light. The current split at the opening, half flowing into the tunnel, the rest fanning out along the wall the tunnel emerged from.

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