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   Chapter 76 No.76

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5039

Updated: 2018-01-19 19:02

"We have to climb this?" Myranda asked.

"Yes indeed! Let's get at it, " Leo said, as he threw the bundle of torches over his shoulder to be held in place by the former sling.

Once again, Myn shot up the wall effortlessly and Leo managed to climb easily enough despite his ailing legs. Myranda, left holding the torch, had more of a struggle. Leo noticed when the light fell too far behind for him to see.

"Do you need a hand?" he called from above.

"I could use one!" she said.

"There is a ledge up here. When you reach it, we will work something out, " he said.

She made her way to the ledge. After some thought, they came upon a compromise. Myranda took the helmet that Myn carried, rolled it in her robe, and tied it to her back with the robe's waist cord. Myn, in turn, clutched the torch, sans a good portion of the handle to make it easier to carry, in her teeth. With her ease of climbing the wall, the dragon was able to put the light wherever it was needed. With both of her hands free, Myranda managed to keep up with Leo with little effort. For nearly an hour, the three climbed, concentration requiring that conversation cease. All that could be seen was what the light of the torch revealed.

An opening came into view.

"Is this the tunnel?" Myranda asked.

"Too big, but the correct one is nearby, " he said.

When they did find it, Myranda was not pleased. It was a rough stone tube just a bit wider than Leo's shoulders.

"This is it?" Myranda said, praying for the a

anda continued crawling with renewed vigor. She knew that he had only said that to get her moving, but the thought of having to feel her way through this tube in pitch black, regardless of how remote the possibility, was enough to get her think twice about stopping. After an eternity of crawling, Leo's threat seemed to come true as the light of the dragon-borne torch vanished.

"What happened!?" she called out, panic closing in.

"I think Myn found the hole, " he said. "Feel for it. It should be just in front of you."

Sure enough the bundle dropped through a wide hole in the bottom of the shaft. With a bit of difficulty she flipped down to a slippery, sloping floor a fair distance below. The bundle was sliding and rolling quickly away. Myn dropped the torch and fetched it, and Myranda tied it securely to her waist. Leo dropped down. The light revealed the walls and ceiling to be as smooth as the floor, and far smoother than even the base of the former stream they had been following.

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