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   Chapter 73 No.73

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5124

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"Naturally, " he said.

As they made their way along the slick, uneven path, Myranda spoke of the events of the last few months. She told the tale of her capture in the church, and her clash with the mysterious creatures in the field, and her escape with the aid of the Undermine. Leo nodded, chiming in at times with insightful comments. He really seemed to care what happened to her, a quality that she found wholly absent in society at large.

By the time Myn's appearance and the time spent under Wolloff's training had been described, she felt as though she was talking to her oldest friend. In a way, she was.

"Good heavens, " he said. "That is quite a tale. You lead an eventful life."

"It hasn't always been that way, " she said. "But enough about me. You have a story of your own to tell."

"So I do. Fair is fair. Let me see, " he began. "I saw you off and headed into Melorn. The hunting was a bit thin, but adequate. Before a week had passed, I decided to find my next tournament, so I nosed around a bit further north. Things were quiet, but eventually I caught word of a small submission tourney nearby. It was informal, a handful of Alliance veterans and soldiers on leave trying to see just who was best at the art of battle. Admittedly an outsider, they were reluctant to allow me entry, particularly with my unwillingness to meet face to face. Luck would have it that one of the soldiers was called back to duty, and I filled the vacancy. One of the organizers caught sight of me. He pulled me aside as I wa

took time out of their busy schedule of hunting down an assassin or some such and turned their sights to me. I think I was able to stay ahead of them for a few weeks before they cornered me. Learning of my race did little to cool their tempers.

"I. . . Well, I learned what sort of treatment the highest criminals of the nation can expect. It is not pleasant. All the while they grilled me as to whether I was sent, or who I worked for. They tried and tried to find something more in the fellow's death than a simple accident. When they became bored of my repeated assurance of the truth, they left me to rot. I managed to escape and, well, that is that."

Myranda shook her head in disbelief.

"It sounds so awful, " she said. "Did they torture you?"

"I prefer not to think back to that particular period of my life, " he said.

"I understand. Leo, I know that I don't have anything else I can tell you in return, but do you mind if I ask you a few more questions?" she asked.

"Go right ahead, " he said.

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