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   Chapter 70 No.70

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"Retreat!" she cried, loading fallen men to the back of horses before sharing one herself.

Like a blur, Myn launched herself after Leo and Myranda. As quickly as the horse would carry them, the trio fled south. A monumental burst of light shook the forest from end to end with a force that tore leaves from trees. A white heat burned behind them, bringing the hiss of wind and sizzle of trees to an otherwise silent burst.

Leo leaned low to the horse's ear. Instantly, the same fear that had caused the other horses to abandon their riders subsided from the animal, and they rode on, steadily and purposefully, eyes constantly on the woods behind them.


After a few tense minutes the massive mouth of the cave came into view.

"Are you certain that this is the one?" Myranda asked, as a dozen ancient signs swept by too quickly to read. "There is no stream."

"Not now, but there has been. Look at the ground, " he said.

They leapt from the horse's back and rushed inside. The dim light of the night sky revealed signs in every language plastered on the walls. Age had made them all but unreadable. Those few words that survived were far from encouraging. There were a dozen or so racks on the walls holding ancient unlit torches for any adventurers brave enough to venture on. Leo grabbed as many as he could carry and instructed Myranda to do the same. Between the two of them, they managed to take all of the torches.

"Do you think we will need all

would be her, " he said.

Myranda sighed.

"I know. . . she is my godmother, " she said.

"What!?" Leo shouted, his voice echoing.

"I remember her from when my father used to visit. Back when I was very young. She seemed so kind then. My father worked with her, and he trusted her with his life. When mother was killed, she was supposed to help raise me, " Myranda said.

"Well, she broke that vow, " Leo said.

"She couldn't have known I survived the massacre. And my uncle told me she was dead. . . I should have known he would lie about that. He hated the Alliance Army with a passion by then. He would rather die than have me live in her care. Now she is the closest thing I have to family, and I may have killed her, " Myranda said, a tear running down her cheek.

"Dwelling on it only makes it worse. You shouldn't sleep with those thoughts in your head. You won't enjoy your dreams. Are you up to any more healing?" he asked.

"I. . . perhaps, " she said.

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