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   Chapter 67 No.67

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4132

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"I may not be able to stay awake, Myn. I need you to be vigilant, " Myranda said.

The dragon did not fully understand, but she scarcely needed to be told to protect her companion, perpetually in a defensive position whenever the slightest threat emerged. For Myranda, the world faded in and out for some time while her mind recovered. It was a strange near-sleep that she found to be quite unsettling. She was utterly helpless, not enough of her mind left to form a cogent thought. No less than three hours of such a state passed before she was shaken from her trance by the movement of Leo. He was painfully struggling to his feet. Myn, joyful to see him rise, managed to knock him back to the ground in her enthusiasm.

"Easy, little one, " he said, as the elated beast rubbed her head on the weakened warrior.

"Sit, Leo. You shouldn't be awake. Not yet, " she said, trying to shake the cobwebs from her head.

"I shouldn't be alive. Those wounds were dire. I should know. I have delivered more than a few myself, " he said.

"I healed you, " she said.

"Healed me? I don't seem to remember you speaking of such a talent when last we met, " he said.

"There was no such talent to speak of at the time, " she replied.


ed her toy. He scanned the remains of the battle once more.

"That helm. It didn't come from one of these soldiers, " he remarked, his voice tense.

"No, no it came from a--" Myranda began.

"An elf woman, " he finished.

"Yes, how did you---" she asked.

"She is the leader of the Elites. She was not with the squad that followed me here. Where did you get this?" he demanded.

"We had a run-in with her on the way here, " she said, his desperation beginning to affect her.

"Then she is following you! But I. . . Never mind, no time. How long ago did you get here?" he asked, his tone now that of a professional.

"Perhaps a week. They couldn't have made it here until at least a half-day after I did, " she said.

He drew in a deep breath.

"They are close, and getting closer. South, now!" he said.

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