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   Chapter 61 No.61

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The two strong-willed individuals launched into a simultaneous debate, both unwilling to wait for the other to finish talking. Myn became agitated, baring her teeth and scratching at the floor, ready to take action if the argument became anything more. The sound of the helmet dropping to the floor drew Caya's attention.

"Where did this beast come from?" Caya demanded.

"She belongs to Myranda. Keep your hands away from her mouth, " Wolloff said.

"And the helmet? Where did she find it?" she asked.

"Some time ago, there were some soldiers to the north of here. The beast had a run-in. What does it matter?" he said.

"That is certainly an Elite helmet! They came so near to you and I was not alerted!" she cried out.

Immediately the two started yelling again. As the endless arguing raged, Myranda's mind was working quickly. There had to be some sort of solution. Slowly an idea revealed itself. It was not a perfect one, but time allowed for little else.

"Wait!" Myranda yelled.

The two turned to her.

"If we ran. All of us. Right now. What would we do?" Myranda asked.

"There is a safe house to the northeast. We would head for that. Then I would contact some of our field agents to gather enough intelligence to make a decision where to go next, " Caya said.

"And how would we get there?" Myranda asked.

"With a lot of legwork and all of the luck in the world, we just might make it there with our lives, " she said.

"Then we stand to gain little by running, at least together, " Myranda said.

"What are you suggesting?" Wolloff said.

"They want me, right? In fac

precious little for myself, you know, " Wolloff said.

"Now is not the time for selfishness, Wolloff. You will be reimbursed when the Undermine gets back on its feet, " she said.

"The Undermine has never been on its feet, " he said. He turned his head and looked unhappily at Myranda. "Come, time is wasting."

He led Myranda through the door that had not opened since she had arrived. Unlike the other rooms, this one was meticulously clean. One side was much like a closet, hung with white robes like the one he wore. The other had numerous exquisite amulets and scepters. He carefully pulled a robe from the many and smoothed the wrinkles. He then selected a small, delicate locket. Finally he uncovered a small, sturdy chest that bore a lock, but no means to open it. He whispered a word or two and the works of the lock clicked open. Inside of the chest was a handful of gems far clearer and much larger than any to be found upstairs. A few more words and the locket unfolded like a flower blooming. He placed the gem inside. It clicked shut of its own accord.

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