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   Chapter 60 No.60

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5012

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The first order of business in terms of instruction was the addition of a spell that could be of greater use to her than any she had learned to date. It was more difficult to cast and was not always appropriate, but given enough time to do its work, the spell could heal even the direst of wounds. Wolloff called it the healing sleep, a spell that put the recipient into a deep slumber and drew upon their own spiritual strength to continuously cure whatever damage or disease was ailing the body. Myranda had difficulty testing such a spell. She could not use it on herself, and Wolloff would certainly not allow her to test it on him. She did cast it on Myn once, with great success. Unfortunately, the creature, upon waking, made it quite clear she did not like being forced into sleep, likely remembering when Wolloff had done it when they first met.

It was just past the end of the third month of training, the midpoint, before they were interrupted again. Spring should have come, but this far north, and in the Low Lands in particular, the only indication of this was a sprinkle of rain mixing with the snow occasionally. Such a storm was passing through toward the end of the daily training session in the tower when a commotion could be heard in the main room down stairs. The sound alone was enough to put Myn on guard.

"Wait here. I will see what has happened, " Wolloff instructed.

The wizard clutched the amulet and cautiously descended the stairs. Myranda waited anxiously at the t

ered to think of the man they sought. The Red Shadow. The assassin. How could she have done something to become as highly sought as he without knowing it? The man had killed colonels, barons, ambassadors! All she had done was find a sword!

"They dismantled the headquarters. Barely escaped with my life. Lost three good men. They will be here in hours. We need to evacuate, " Caya said.

"Evacuate! We cannot evacuate! What of my books!?" Wolloff said.

"Leave them!" she demanded.

"I will not!" she said.

"You must choose between your books and your life, " she said.

"My books are my life!" he proclaimed, no hint of humor in his voice.

"I cannot afford to lose you, Wolloff. Move now! Time is wasting!" she commanded.

"The books are irreplaceable. They are one of a kind. If I lose them now, the knowledge within them will be lost forever. You say that you cannot afford to lose me, but it is my knowledge of these books that you need. I will not leave them!" Wolloff said.

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