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   Chapter 59 No.59

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"What is it, little one? Who do you miss? Was it the one the soldiers were fighting?" Myranda asked.

The duo was passing through the site of the first battle. The snow was much deeper, with only the very tops of the grave markers visible. Myranda lifted a helmet from one of the improvised memorials and showed it to the dragon.

"Did these men take it from you, the thing you miss so much?" she asked, showing Myn.

The beast's eyes locked onto the armor piece, fury burning behind them. She clamped onto the helmet with her teeth and shook it viciously. Her teeth scraped at the intricate enamel and the pressure of her jaws dented and bent the thick metal plates. She continued to thrash it about while walking until she came to a seemingly random patch of snow. She dropped the helmet and pawed at the fresh white powder madly.

"What are you doing?" Myranda asked, further confused by her companion's strange behavior.

More than two feet of digging later, the snow took on a pink tint. She buried her snout in it and inhaled deeply. After a second sniff she raised her head again, sorrow behind her eyes. She offered a long, soulful call, halfway between a howl and a moan. It was the first sound that Myranda had heard the dragon make, aside from a few hisses and grumbles. This was different. There was a voice behind it, pouring out sorrow. This was not just a mindless creature. This was a thinking, feeling being.

After a pause, with her head hung low, she locked her gaze on the helmet again. Puffing out her chest, she unleashed a burst of flam

" she said.

"It--what's left of it, that is--looks like an Alliance helmet. A fancy one at that. I must remember to inform Caya. Troop action this far north is rare, and this deep in the forest is rarer still. I don't like it, " he said.

There was very little instruction that night, with Myranda retiring gratefully to her bed soon after he prepared a meal for her. Evidently Wolloff felt that her experiences in rescuing the beast were lesson enough.


The weeks that followed passed much as those before had--with one notable exception. Myn, who was protective before, was now overprotective and always by Myranda's side. For the first two weeks, she didn't leave Myranda for even a moment, not even to hunt. She was worried for her health, but Wolloff dubiously assured her that after a big meal, a dragon could go months before eating again. In time, the dragon did leave, but only long enough to satisfy her hunger. At all other times, she was with Myranda, chewing and clawing at the helmet and watching Wolloff like a hawk.

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