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   Chapter 53 No.53

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4955

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"Fine. That will be all for today, " he said.

"Wait! What happened?" she asked, trying to stand. The dizziness that swirled in her mind forced her back into the chair.

"You cast the spell, the spell worked, " he said, irritated by the need to explain the obvious.

"But my arm. It isn't healed, " she said.

"No. The spell you cast was simply to remove the affliction that had been worsening the wound. The actual healing spell is quite different. We will begin learning that one tomorrow. It is significantly longer, and it contains a few runes that you have yet to learn. If you get your wits about you by the time I've made supper, we will work a bit after."

"Supper. . . you mean you don't expect me to prepare it?" she said.

"As entertaining as it would be to see you run in a screaming conflagration from my kitchen after falling face-first into the fire, I am in no mood to clean it up. Rest for a bit. When you've coordinated yourself enough to risk the stairs, you will find some of yesterday's dinner waiting for you, " he said, taking his leave.

The young woman took his advice, though she'd hardly needed to be told. It was late afternoon, but it may as well have been midnight. As soon as he'd left, Myranda dragged herself to the bed and collapsed. This was the most bizarre weariness she had ever felt. Her body felt fine. It was neither sore nor weak. In truth, it was the first time in weeks that she could say she felt virtually no pain whatsoever.

plate featuring the last of the roast and a few boiled vegetables. She sat down and ate quietly.

"It held up well, " Wolloff said.

Myranda nodded in agreement.

"Perhaps you would like to take some up to your dragon, " he said.

Myranda nodded again before realizing what had been said.

"What?" she said.

"That is who you were talking to, was it not?" he asked.

"You heard that?" she said.

"No, but now I know that I was right, " he said.

Myranda sighed and swallowed hard. "How long did you know?" she asked.

"If you recall, I was there the first morning she showed up. Did you really think I wouldn't check to see if it had happened again?" he said. "You will find it very difficult to fool a wizard, lass."

"I am very sorry, but we have been together every day since she was born. I cannot keep her away. I assure you, she is very well-behaved. She has only breathed fire once and it was only because she was cold. If she--" Myranda hurriedly explained.

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