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   Chapter 51 No.51

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So troubled was she by the new knowledge, Myranda did not even notice Myn creeping in for her nightly visit. The little dragon had no way of knowing why Myranda was so dejected, but it was quite clear to her that this was so. She climbed onto the bed beside Myranda and stared into her eyes. A tear of anger and sorrow rolled down her cheek. Myn sniffed it, deciding immediately that she did not like it. She laid her head on Myranda's shoulder. The two did not stir until long after day finished its slip to night. Sleep came, but it was shallow and fitful, offering little in the way of rest and naught in the way of dreams. That, at least, was a blessing, as the images of darkness and desolation that invariably filled her dreams might just have been more than the disillusioned girl could bear.


It was not until the approaching footsteps of Wolloff stirred Myn to leave that the trance-like sorrow was broken.

"Morning, lass. Today we learn the last few runes for your cure, and the techniques to cast it, " he said.

She pulled herself from the bed and eagerly set her mind to the task of learning--anything to push the poisonous thoughts from her mind. Myranda threw herself headlong into the process, and managed to memorize all that needed to be learned before midday.

"You are a person of many faults, lass, but slow to learn is not one of them, " said the old wizard, in as near to a compliment as he had yet uttered. "Now it is time to learn how to cast your first spell."

"Learn to cast it? What have I spent the whole of this week doi

g a slightly cloudy, pale yellow gem.

"Give me your hand, " he said.

She offered her left hand. Wolloff furrowed his brow at the odd scar before placing the gem in her hand and closing her fingers around it.

"Now, close your eyes and concentrate on the crystal. All that exists is my voice and the crystal. All other thoughts must be silenced. That crystal is very impure. It will grow warmer and glow as you devote more and more of your mind to it, " he said.

It was no simple task to do as he said. The temperature of the crystal did change as she drew more of her mind toward it, but even the merest distraction dropped the piece to cold. There was no telling how long it had been before she was finally interrupted, but it must have been some time, because the shadows were casting differently than they had when she began. Her concentration had been broken when Wolloff snatched the gem from her hand. He had a stern look on his face.

"You wouldn't be trying to make a fool of old Wolloff, would you?" he asked, angrily.

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