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   Chapter 43 No.43

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5425

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"Myn, get down from there! I'm very sorry, Mr. Wolloff. That is just Myn. She is a dragon, " Myranda explained.

"I can see that! I have eyes, haven't I! What is it doing here?" he demanded.

"I. . . It is difficult to explain, " she said.

"Never mind. Get inside, but the dragon stays outside, " he said.

"I don't know if I can keep the dragon from--" she began.

"The dragon stays outside!" he screamed.

Myn jumped back, startled by the man. The door flew open to reveal a white-haired man. He was precisely as one might imagine a wizard, rendered frail by the mass of years gone by. His clothes were simple, and immaculately white. A brass amulet with a clear crystal hung about his neck. He grasped it and spat out a trio of arcane words. A sharp, brief pulse of light came from the stone within to signify the casting of the spell. Myn dropped to the ground as though struck. She was no longer moving.

"What did you do?" Myranda insisted.

"Relax, lass. I put the little demon down for a rest. Now get inside before I wake it and sic it on ye!" he said.

Myranda reluctantly moved inside, keeping her gaze locked on the motionless dragon until the door slammed shut.

"Are you certain she will be all right?" Myranda asked.

"Aye, she will be just fine. As for you, I'll expect a bit more speed and obedience from a pupil. That is what you have come for, I trust, " he said.

"Yes, " she assured him.

"Right, then you will be needing food, I suppose, " he said.

"I would appreciate it, " she said.

"You will find the kitchen there, " he said, pointing a crooked finger at one of the thr

le objects. The blasted creature lives outside. It does not need to come in!" Wolloff said.

"Well, when will she wake?" she asked.

"In a few hours. Listen, lass, I cannot be answering questions all day. You'll be occupying my time for months, so I'd like to get a wee bit of my own work done tonight. You'll be spending most of your time in the tower. That is where I teach, and that is where you will sleep. Why don't you head up there and make yourself at home? Anything to get you out of my hair!" he said.

Myranda rose and headed quickly to the door, eager to be away from the irritating man. The stairs inside the tower were quite a match for its exterior. Less than a handful of the entire spiraling flight were fully intact. The rest had corners or centers crumbled away or cracked. It was only with great care that she managed to reach the top. There she found a room, perhaps half the size of the room downstairs. It was round, with curved bookcases lining the sections of wall between windows, of which there were three. One faced south, one north, and one west.

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