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   Chapter 42 No.42

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5427

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When the bedroll had been packed away they set off. The events of yesterday had set Myranda behind. The food would run out today, leaving them both hungry--with at least another day of travel ahead of them, if they hurried. Myn had no trouble keeping up with the brisk pace that Myranda set, often running ahead to inspect the odd flutter or rustle, disappearing from sight periodically. Sundown brought her much nearer to her goal than she'd expected. Having a friend to talk to, even one that did not understand a word she said, helped the miles pass quickly. They set up camp at a clearing that Tus had described before she had left the headquarters. At the center was a larger tree with an arrow carved into it. The arrow pointed off into the thick of the forest.

"You see that?" Myranda asked Myn. "Tus said his partner carved it. It points in the wrong direction, so that people will not find their trainer. Clever, in a terrible, cruel way. Imagine if we were lost. That arrow would send us off to our end. Isn't that nice of them? It must take a heart of stone to do what they do. And I have joined them! What a lovely turn my life has taken! The good news is that this arrow means that, so long as we wake bright and early, we can make it to Wolloff's by midday tomorrow. It seems a life of restless wandering has made me quite the hiker. That will teach Caya to underestimate me!"

Myn seemed unaffected by the sarcasm that flowed. Myranda tossed the last piece of meat to the dragon, who snatched it easily out of the air. A fire was started, again without the help of the dragon, and Myranda cooked her woefully

away ages ago. Finally, they reached an equally faded red door with a barred slot at eye level. Myranda gave a knock. After a particularly long wait, the slot slid open and a pair of ancient eyes peered out.

"Aye, " came a thickly accented voice.

"I was sent here by Caya, " Myranda said.

"I know no one by that name, " he said.

"I have this, " Myranda said, producing the writ.

"Give it here, " came the voice, a pair of withered fingers appearing at the slot.

Myranda offered up the paper Caya had given her. It was snatched away and, after a few moments of irritated muttering, the voice rose again.

"The money?" he asked, or rather, demanded.

"I was not given any. Caya needed time to get the silver together, " she said.


Myn, intrigued by the new scent and new voice, stood on her hind legs and leaned her front feet against the door. That had just managed to bring her eyes to the slot, and she peered eagerly inside, startling the ranting old man.

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