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   Chapter 36 No.36

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 4876

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"If what you say is true, only one man aside from Tus and myself still lives with the knowledge of precisely what has transpired, and he is a murderer. It is unlikely that such a man will turn to the people he has been killing to offer a description. Yes, yes. You must be kept from the light of day for a while. Perhaps a few months. The descriptions that the soldiers are passing around will fade from memory. Before long, so long as you offer a bit of disguise, you'll be able to walk the streets without prompting a second glance, " Caya said.

"You will be trained. Another hand on another hilt, " Tus added.

"Yes, good thinking, Tus. In time, you will become what the men believe you to be. This may yet be a great day for our cause, " Caya agreed.

Tus remained stern as ever, but Caya showed enough joy for the two of them. Myranda mustered a smile for their sake. Things were spinning out of control. Days ago, she lived a simple life, albeit a restless one. Then she seemed to be at the center of something she knew nothing about, but was apparently of monumental importance. Now she would be the figurehead of a group of renegades who were working toward an end to the war, but through a means that was nearly a match for the atrocity of the battlefield. Her simple life had been tied in knots.

"Enough. There are plans to be made. Our man in the field said that the description the soldiers have been given lists you as a young girl of avera

never shows. Runs off with the silver. I tell you, I am beginning to wonder if there are any decent people left in this world. Send out the word. We need a new healer. I doubt we'll get any volunteers. The men and women who join us all want to be the one to draw the blade across the throat of the next general. There is no glory in healing, " Caya explained.

"Wait!" Myranda said.

There was the solution, right in front of her. It would keep her off of the battlefield, provide her with a hiding place, and even give her six months of hot meals and soft beds.

"I'll be the new healer! Send me to the wizard!" she eagerly offered.

"You? I. . . I think that just might work, " Caya considered. "Right, Tus, food and bed for her. I'll give her the letter of intention to give to Wolloff in the morning. Myranda, you had best get your rest. You have a long walk ahead of you."

"Wonderful! I. . . a long walk?" Myranda asked. "What about the four new horses?"

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