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   Chapter 35 No.35

The Book of Deacon By Joseph R. Lallo Characters: 5213

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There was a small break in the clouds, but the light was short-lived. The near-full moon overhead was soon filtered through the increasingly thick foliage of the forest once said to have consumed half of a division of Northern soldiers who had entered, but never left. She swallowed hard and hoped that she would not share their fate. Her fingers were completely numb, and her shoulder had worsened to the point that she could scarcely move the whole of her right arm.


After hours of riding at as great a speed as they could manage, the trio was still within the forest, and had not used a single road. They finally came upon a large log hut. When they reached it, the others helped her from the horse and inside. A fire that had been left unattended for some time barely smoldered in the hearth. Myranda was led to a crude wooden chair, a blanket thrown about her shoulders. The large man left to tend to the horses, while the woman took a seat in another chair, a restrained look of satisfaction showing on her face.

"I am Caya, " she said, extending her hand.

Myranda extended her right hand painfully in an attempt the return the gesture. She managed to weakly touch the fingers of her rescuer before she couldn't stand the pain anymore.

"Myranda, " she said.

"We all heard what you did. Inspiring, " Caya said.

"What are you talking about?" Myranda asked. "Who are you? Where am I?"

"You are at the headquarters of the Undermine. I am the regional commander. You've done more for our cause in just a few days than years of subtle ope

ortant people. You are a marked woman. The minds that twist and shape the entire kingdom are turned to you and what you've done. The ripples are still spreading throughout the ranks, " Caya explained.

"All of my men tell your story. They would beat the door down to meet you, " Tus said. "Their spirits are strong now. The men are ready to fight."

Caya's look had slowly changed from one of sorrow to one of thought.

"All may not be lost. Myranda, are you willing to join our cause?" she asked.

"Of course, " she said, "though I cannot imagine what help I could give you."

"You've done enough already. More importantly, my people believe you have done much more. What they think of you is all that matters. You may not be able to fight beside them, as I'd hoped, but tales of your deeds will stir them to greatness nonetheless. So long as they do not learn the truth, merely having you in our ranks will give them the heart to fight double. In return for your membership, we will keep you safe from the clutches of the army.

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