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   Chapter 19 No.19

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"A bit, " Leo answered. He sniffed the air and turned to the eastern horizon briefly before turning his shrouded gaze back to her.

"Well?" she said expectantly.

"Oh. . . descriptions. Warmer. Much warmer. It only snows in the winter, and rarely even then. There tends to be a lot more green and a lot less white. The trees shed their leaves in the colder months. There are pests of all sorts buzzing about your head. I've got many an irritated memory of flies, mosquitoes, and the like flitting in and out of my ears. Mostly in.

"What else? The towns are more spread out. The space between is littered with farms. Very large farms. . . with many, many workers, " he reminisced, his last words carrying a tone that betrayed a distant repressed emotion.

"It all sounds so lovely. Like a paradise, " she said.

"I, for one, am glad to be rid of it, " he said. "I have a natural coat that I cannot remove, and the summer can be downright unbearable. About the only thing I do miss is the hunting. My, but those forests were stocked. I could go for weeks without repeating a meal."

He breathed a sigh of remembrance, but pressed onward. Myranda scanned the stark white countryside and tried to imagine it as he had described. Gentle rolling hills, a brilliant green instead of white. Warm breezes blowing, perhaps a fluttering of butterflies among a patch of wild flowers. She realized that no sight like that had ever truly blessed her eyes. Indeed, the closest she had come was the dream a few nights ago, before the d

fight under the name 'The Beast, '" he said.

"I never thought I would have anything to do with one of those places, but now I just may, " she assured him.

Leo held out his hand for a farewell shake, but Myranda pushed it aside and embraced him warmly. He reluctantly returned the gesture.

"Before I go, I have been meaning to ask. How much money was stolen from you?" Leo said.

"I would say there were at least twenty copper coins in the bag. I had plans for that money." She sighed, shaking her head.

"Well, it just so happens I have got a bit more money than I can carry, so if you will just do me the favor of taking it off my hands. . ." said the friendly creature, digging into the heavy bag in his cloak.

Even before he had finished making his transparent excuse, Myranda was shaking her head.

"I couldn't take your money. You have already done so much for me. It just wouldn't be right, " she said.

"Well, if you say so, " he said, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Until we meet again."

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