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   Chapter 16 No.16

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"Aside from the fact that they are nearly impossible to find? Believe it or not, when those folks do their job, they tend to want a look at their patient. I would rather not have them find out what I am--and if a healer cannot tell at the first glance I would frankly think twice about allowing them to work on me, " he explained.

"Right, foolish of me to ask, " she said.

As the hours of the night passed, Myranda made up for an eternity of solitude. She spoke until her voice nearly failed her and drank in Leo's words as deeply as she did the wine. They were equally rare luxuries to her, and she would enjoy them as long as she could. Weariness and wine were a potent mix, though, and finally her eyes were too heavy to ignore. Even so, she fought to stay awake to share more tales with her friend. It was Leo, always the gentleman, who insisted that she get some rest. He stood to leave.

"Before you go, I must ask you something, " Myranda said.

"Don't let me stop you, " he said, slipping his gloves on.

"You have every reason to be as bitter and angry as my late uncle. How is it that you have come to be so kind?" she asked.

Leo threw his cloak about his shoulders as he answered. "Simple. Would you have let such a grim and angry person through this door?"

"I suppose not, " she said.

"Of course not. You reap what you sow in this world. I do not mean to say that I have never been as you described. I spent the better half of my years hating your people with all of my heart and soul. Perhaps a part of me still does. The truth is, whether I like it or not, your people rule this world. I can either live a life of hate and solitude, or I can do what I feel is right and hope for the same in return. Until today, though, I

artifact she had stumbled upon.

Even as she could feel the speck of golden light in the distance flit away forever, she saw the item she'd found replace it. It was a lantern, and the second her eyes met the wick, it fizzled to life. In the oppressive blackness, the dim flame seemed blinding. When her eyes painfully adjusted, she rubbed them to find that the world she was accustomed to had returned. The light she blinked at was the handful of rays that made it through the heavy curtains. The dream was over.


Blinking the sleep from her eyes was a matter of moments. Shaking the powerful emotions and painful throbbing from her head was another matter. She looked in vain for a basin or such to at least wash her face, but the room was rather poorly stocked. Dejected, she slowly gathered her things and laced her boots. When she was certain she had everything, particularly the sword, she entered the hallway, locked the door behind her, and sought out her only intact pocket to place the key. On the way to the stairs, she stopped in front of the door she'd seen Leo at the day before. After a long moment she continued on, deciding to let him sleep.

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