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   Chapter 11 No.11

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"Well, since we are here under the pretense that we are old friends, I think it would be best to learn your name, " he said, breaking the uneasy silence and Myranda's train of thought.

"Oh, yes, of course. My name is Myranda. And yours?" she asked.

"Leo. A pleasure to meet you, Myranda, " he answered, putting his hand out for her to shake. She did so graciously.

"And a pleasure to meet you as well, Leo. I really cannot thank you enough for helping me. I have yet to meet another who would have done the same, " she said.

"I do not doubt it, " he said, a bit of anger in his voice. "So tell me, how did you come to be in such a predicament?"

"I had brought a bag of coins with me. It must have been stolen, " she said.

"Where you were sitting, you were asking for that to happen, " he said.

"I know it, " she said. "Had I been thinking I never would have chosen that seat."

A moment of silence passed. Myranda took another glance at the hood.

"Is it because you are cold?" she asked.

"Pardon?" said the stranger.

"The cloak. Are you cold?" she asked again.

"Not particularly, " he said. "You do not strike me as a local. Where do you call home?"

"Nowhere, I am sorry to say. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had spent more than a week or so in one place, " she replied.

"Really? We have something in common, then!" he said, pleased. "I spend most of my days on the ro

anything behind that hood that could keep you and I from being friends, " she said.

Leo's leather-gloved hands clutched the edge of the hood and quickly drew it back. The smile dropped from Myranda's face. A mixture of fear and revulsion spilled over her. It was no human that looked back at her. Protruding from the neck of the cloak was what appeared to be the head of a fox. It was in proportion to the body, with a deep orange fur covering all but the muzzle, chin and throat, which had a creamy white color. His eyes were larger and more expressive than an animal's, brown and the only remotely human feature. The corner of his mouth was turned up in a slight smirk as he read her expression.

He twitched a pointed, black-tipped ear as he pulled a fiery red pony tail from inside the hood. It fell to nearly his waist, lightening along its length to the same color as his throat. Myranda couldn't keep a gasp from escaping her lips.

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