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   Chapter 36 Yes

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Years passed and we were on another graduation ceremony. Both of us graduated Magna Cum Laude for our course in Business Economics.

Our parents and friends congratulated us.

We made many friends during our college days but we still remained best of friends and loyal to each other. The three of us, Franco, Rob and I were unstoppable when together. Rob pursued Engineering and was also busy with his basketball career at school, which made our time together limited in college. But we made sure to get together for at least once a month to catch up. Currently, Rob is out of the country for a basketball competition for our University but he video called us earlier to congratulate us.

Franco became closer to both of my parents. Every chance they get they will talk nonstop. Though he still never visited our house.

Since we have limited time at school and during weekends when he works, I will sometimes wait for him at his house for our study sessions and spend time with his mom who loves me dearly.

After the ceremony, a graduation party was set for the both of us with the insistence of my parents, Franco agreed and we will be soon leaving for the hotel.

Franco pulled me at a corner and hugged me gently. De ja vu? Then the unexpected happened. He looked at me tenderly, caressed my face and leaned in to give me a kiss.

My first kiss which made my heartbeat twice as fast, the air on my lungs seem to explode and I felt tingling sensation from all over my body. It was addicting, the way his lips caressed mine was like a drug that made me lose my sanity. Every stroke of his lips, the way his tongue grazed my lips asking for entrance, it almost made me crazy.

The kiss lasted for eternity, well for me at least. When it ended, he looked at me with so much adoration.

"I'm not saying sorry I kissed you because I'm not. I've always wanted to do that. I love you Saphira. I always have.

From the first moment I laid my eyes on you, you bewitched me. Everything that I do, I do to make you proud of me and to be worthy for your love. I was just scared to lose you and your friendship if I admitted my feelings but I guess, I am so overwhelmed right now because of all that was happening and I can't contain this feelings anymore. . ."

I kissed him this time to stop him from talking. I kissed him the way he kissed me earlier. I held his face and moved closer to deepen the kiss. I let him savor all the love and happiness I was feeling. When I ended the kiss, I closed my eyes and pressed my nose to meet his. Our bodies pressed together.

"I love you too so stop blabbering nonsense. I will never leave you and you should know that by now."

"You lo. . . love me? Why?" He held my face on his hands and made me look at him.

His face looked comical as he was so shocked and elated at the same time and I can't help but laugh at him.

"Yes! Of course I love you. Why wouldn't I? You're intelligent, funny, kind and gorgeous. . . Oh wait, you dummy! You were fishing for compliments weren't you?!"

He laughed and kissed me once more, briefly this time.

"I am and I am the happiest fisherman alive right now. But, I still can't ask you to be my girlfriend."

"And why is that? You just admitted that you love me and you just took my first kiss."

"I did didn't I?" He looked smug and I can't help but laugh in response.

"So?" I kissed him once more.

"You're distracting me

"Wow. I love the sound of that. My future wife, I love you."

"I know. So come and show me the real food. I'm starving."

"Well baby, you shouldn't have worn that dress if you wanted to eat. I'll show you our cabin."

Excitement ran through my veins when he carried me bridal style and brought me to our room for the night where we shared a night of passion to seal our love and engagement.

Five years later

"Babe, where is my tie? I'll be late for the meeting." I smiled when I heard my husband's voice. It was his way of asking me to come to the room. It was our secret code.

"I'm coming darling. Lorena, please continue to feed this cute little baby. Leonardo, stop playing with your food okay honey?"

"Yes mommy." I moved closer to our 2 year old son and kissed his cheeks. Leaving him and his six month old sister Frances with their nanny.

I walked inside the master's bedroom and almost shrieked with surprise when Franco, still with a towel draped on his waist quickly pulled me and started kissing his way from my neck down to my chest. This will always be the best way to start our day. When the doctor gave him the go signal for intimacy a month ago after giving birth to our youngest child, he was insatiable. There are times even if he was tired with work, he still managed to do some rounds on the bed.

The love we felt for each other, bonded by friendship and tested through time made us stronger and wiser in raising our family. Even with his busy schedule in ensuring that we are well provided for, he always makes time to play with our children and to give us his love and attention.

After my father's retirement, he was proclaimed CEO and managed the family business. I on the other hand, still managed a chain of restaurants all over America soon in Europe and Asia. Franco agreed to carry over the business so I can still do what I want to do, to cook and be a chef. He knew that if he will not take over the company, I would be forced to run the business, being the only daughter.

My life may have been miserable and lonely before him but with his love and help, he turned everything around and made our lives blissful, happy and peaceful. For his love, I was willing to do anything and he has proven worthy of everything.


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