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   Chapter 35 The Dream

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Acceptance is key to happiness.

When I first realized that Saphira will always belong to Franco, my heart felt like being cut into million pieces. But I know that time will come when the greatest love of my life will come and we will have our own love story.

For now, I am happy to be part of Franco and Saphira's journey.

If anyone could see Saphira now, they would think her loneliness was caused by heart break from someone's death. But I know better.

After the accident that almost took the life of two of my best friends, Franco and Saphira, the three of us realized that life is too short to be taken for granted.

Four months ago, Franco would have sacrificed his life for Saphira. He intercepted the knife intended for her and used his own body to shield her. This act of pure love and selflessness woke me up from my fantasy that someday I will be worthy to be with her.

Everything was blurred after my fight with Agent Trey when he tried to take the gun from me but one thing I remember was before Franco passed out from his fall, he glanced at Saphira first.

The knife luckily did not hit any vital organs but his fall left a concussion on his head. He was in the hospital for two weeks because of that.

During those days, Saphira never left his side except to go to school. She would get all of Franco's home works and projects so they can work on it in the hospital while he recuperates. They also overcame Franco's problem with Madeleine, which Saphira bravely faced once she learned what happened while she was away.

Saphira confronted Madeleine and the other girl ended up dropping out of school because of that supposed "heartbreak and failure".

Now, Franco traveled to Germany for a student's symposium for Honorary students. He is vying for Valedictorian alongside with Saphira but she ended up staying behind. She was still traumatized by what happened to her previously. Franco wanted me to go on his behalf but the school board did not allow for it.

And so here is my girl best friend sulking just because she misses her other best friend who will just be away for a week.

They still haven't admitted how they feel but there is an understanding between them that they are exclusively for each other.

And here I am in the sidelines, waiting for that moment to happen.


High School graduation came, the first turning point of our lives.

"And now our Valedictory Speech from Franco Briones!"

"Good evening parents, fellow students, faculty and distinguished guests. I stand here before you not as the Valedictorian but as the second best, for I know that I have done my best to earn this title but someone else is more deserving to be here."

Murmurs. . . they were looking at me with pity. Gosh Franco, why do you have to include me on your speech. This is your special day. I tried to sit lower on my seat but then he looked at me and I was mesmerized by the emotions from his eyes.

"Someone who has endured so much pain and hardship, sacrificed her happiness to achieve her goals in life. I could not have lasted a day on this prestigious school without her. She was my rock. My inspiration to work harder. When I met her, my only goal was to graduate here so that I will have a better chance in pursuing the good schools and ensure a brighter future.

Well, for a less fortunate guy like me, who went through school because of the numerous scholarships I acquired and by working daily to provide for my school needs, you must think that I have had a hard life and this should have been my moment to be proud of myself. That I will soon leave this academe with head held up high as I can take on any challenges in my college life because I graduated Valedictorian. But I am not proud of myself because of that.

This school has prepared me for the future but more so, this school gave me the special gift of meeting someone who inspired me to be better. She changed my outlook in life.

Before, I thought only poor people suffer. But I learned that I am lucky to have a normal life. To have experienced playing with friends on the streets, spending time with my family, eating with them daily and discuss anything under the sun without regard for time. I grew up without acknowledging in my achievements. I know my parents were proud of me but I have never felt the need to prove to anyone that I am good. I just tried to do my best. I still had my share of fun and I don't care what others will think. I am just a 'nobody' anyways.

But to most of you, who I never really gotten to kno

dinner to celebrate your graduation. I reserved a table at the hotel nearby. I asked Franco to come join us but he declined."

"Thank you dad. But he really doesn't do the invite thing. He's allergic to anything that is free." I can't help but roll my eyes in frustration. Still the same Franco. He took that as a queue to approach us.

"Sir, Senator, thank you for the invitation but I have to go home, my mother prepared something at home with the neighbors. I would love to invite you but the place is too crowded and. . ."

"Don't worry son, its okay. Now, you two talk and we will just wait in the car. Nice to meet you again young man and thank you."

"Nice to meet you Sir, Senator."

My mother hugged Franco again to bid farewell. Wow. Twice this evening.

When we were alone, he led me to the corner of the gym and then he hugged me very gently, then he let go and held my hands. Looking at me so intently.

"Saphira, I am very happy today that I was able to say all those things in front of everyone. I always wanted to do that, to protect you from everyone and to acknowledge everything you have done for me and to always make you happy. Thank you for still being here even if I'm a dummy and a dimwit and a stupid a. . ."

I clamped my hands on his mouth to keep him silent. He took it and held it to his chest.

"No Franco. It's me who should thank you. My life changed because of you. I am a miserable person before we met. Now I see life differently. You really make me very happy. You even sacrificed your safety for me. I can never imagine my life without you. Thank you."

"Naah. . . you'll never lose me bestie, because we are going to University together and no one can ever stop us!"

"With those stunts you pulled earlier, I guess, we are really unstoppable!"

"Yes, I guess we are. We will always be together."


Our soft whispers of agreement made me swoon. As we gazed at each other's eyes, I felt my knees weaken.

"Hey you guys, can I join you?"

I was startled but Franco pulled me closer to his side as we faced Rob.

"Rob dude! We were wondering where you were."

"Of course you're not. You too are in your own bubble again."

We just laughed at him since he always teased us with that phrase.

"Silly! Congratulations to all of us! Now we will soon be off to College!"

Rob hugged us both and did a fist bump with Franco before he winked and walked away. I was glad that my two best friends got along pretty well and will both be joining me in University.

"Saphira, Franco, don't forget our date tomorrow!" Rob shouted at us.

"Sure! Where are you taking us?" I had to ask since knowing Rob, his surprises usually are too much to handle. He took us bungee jumping, wall climbing and go cart racing.

"If I told you, would it still be a surprise Saphira?"

"I guess not. Silly me to ask."

And so this is one of the milestones of our lives.

I am deeply overjoyed that everything worked out for the best.

I will be looking forward to our future together.

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