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   Chapter 34 The Past

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Four months have passed since that day but the pain is still raw in my heart.

Reminiscing Franco and I's usual banter at school and at the cafeteria always made me smile.

"Saphira! What's with that face?!"

"Oh Hi Rob. Just thinking about some things."

"If you're thinking about Franco again. . ."

"Stop. I know this is wrong and I promised not to be sad again but I can't help it."

"Saphira, he's just gone for. . ."

"Shhhh. I don't want to hear it Rob."

"If you want to be melodramatic like that, sure, I'll let you. But I'm hungry come on let's eat. Franco will be mad at me if I don't take care of you."

"Are you sure you're okay with this Rob? I mean, you know how I feel about him and still you're here."

"Saphira, I already accepted the fact months before that I cannot replace Franco in your heart but I am still here to be your friend. Nothing will ever change that."

"Thank you Rob. You're such a good friend. I don't know how I could have survived these past months without your support."

"Silly, as if I was the only one here for you. You have. . ."

"Stop! I told you I don't want to hear that."

"So dramatic. Come on, I'll treat you to lunch."


Every afternoon at 4 pm after school hours, we always go to the café he was working. He will work his daily four hour shift during the days when my parents were out of town, which is most of the time, I will wait for him in a corner table of the café studying or browsing the net.

"Hey besttie, are you ordering the usual or want to try something else?"

"Just the usual."

"Hey, you need to try our new best seller. Please? I will make it myself."

"Why do you even ask me if you will insist to choose for me anyways?"

"Well, because your choices are boring! Awww!"

"You're such a dummy do you know that?"

"That hurts! That book was thick! How can you hit me with that!"

"Just go and work! Don't mind me, Ill wait for you then you can have dinner at my house for a change. Please?"

"Saphira, you know my answer to that."

"How come you never want to even step inside our house? We have been friends for several months now."

"I have my reasons."

"Same reason as you always reject my offer to give you a ride home and to treat you to lunch or dinner or coffee? This is silly you know."

"Of course you are silly!"

"Not me you dumbass! Our friendship setup is silly!"

He looked behind him and signaled his supervisor to give him few minutes break, I guess he felt the need to discuss this thoroughly.

"Tell me Saphira, what could be silly about our friendship?"

If serious looks could kill maybe I'll be dead now that he was looking at me that way.

"Ahhhm…. Look. We have been friends and I know we have this unbreakable solid bond now but you still haven't met my parents simply beca

have 60% free tuition fee for my rating. You know I can afford to go to University with that rate but not to the prestigious school you want. It's too expensive for me."

He looked crestfallen since we vowed to spend our University days together.

"Don't worry, we will find someone to sponsor your studies."

"No. I don't want you to exhaust your resources just because of me. You know I hate it when you help me."

"Can we rephrase that? You hate it when I TRY to help you. TRY being the relative word since you NEVER accepted ANY of my help."

I made him feel my irritation by rolling my eyes at him. I really hated his pride.

"Chill Besttie! You're nose is starting to flare in anger. . . awwww! What was that for?"

"For being so caught up in your pride! I told you I will always be here to help but you never listen! You're so frustrating you know that!?"

"You know that I appreciate you more than anyone Saphira, just not that way. I will never accept help from you because we are friends. I don't want others to think that I am just using you or our friendship to have a better life."

"Dummy! How can you say that when nobody even cared about me before we met? Why should we care what others would think when I endured their ridicule and awfulness for several years? Do you know how I managed in all those years? Because my only goal was to make my parents proud. They seemed to be proud during parties when they bragged me to their friends and colleagues. But after that, I was just one of the characters of their so called perfect life. I am nobody to them. But when you came, I became somebody. Somebody to someone, because I have been your friend."

"Saphira. . ."

"No! Listen to me you dim wit! I will not let you sacrifice your future just for that pride of yours! Mark my words Franco, you will get that 100% scholarship even if I have to beg for it."

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