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   Chapter 33 Sacrifice

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Hearing Rob call Saphira as his girl made my heart ache with jealousy but I remained silent. If Saphira was found and saved, I will try to be happy even if she choses Rob.

I haven't admitted this to her but I love Saphira with all my heart and soul and it would torment me to see her with somebody else. But if she will be happy with him and if she favors him, I will let her go. For me, that is what true love is. It is about sacrifice.

"Dude, why so glum? If you are thinking about what I said a while ago. I just said Saphira was my girl so Ralph can help us without questions."

I should have felt relieved with Rob's explanation but I don't. I knew that he and Saphira have some kind of connection.

"I am just thinking on how we can match with the two guys if they start to fight with us. Street fighting was never my thing."

"Don't worry. I have a small gun here that may help us. I am also a sharpshooter so no worries if ever we need to use this."

"I hope we don't get to use that gun. I hate to hurt anybody even Romano. He needs help and I think that is the reason why Agent Trey went behind our backs to find his friend. He wants to save him."

"Yeah. I figured it out too. Every person has a story. A reason behind their actions but whatever that reason is, I will never let Romano or an

but you leave me no choice."

And so he called the police and an ambulance for Franco and myself.

My time is up. The look on my best friend's face said it all. Because of my stubbornness, I lost everything.


I heard a gunshot and voices.

I tried desperately to get out of this trance.

I felt like my heart was breaking into pieces when I heard Rob call for Franco's name.

He's here? Franco and Rob are both here to save me?

I felt some kind of liquid splatter on my arms. I smell the rustic blood in the air. Was that shot aimed at me? But I cannot feel any pain. All I felt was numbness all over my body. I can't move or even open my eyes but I sensed that something terribly wrong just happened.

I heard the ambulance and police sirens but I was again pulled back to darkness. I just hope when I finally wake up, everything will turn out to be alright.

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