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   Chapter 32 Rage

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Taking care of Saphira was my lifelong desire even if she hated me. She is still hot with fever and I am concerned that she might have gotten an infection due to her head wounds. When we arrive at Morocco, I will take her to the hospital, but for now, we have to rest.

I was so tired that I slept right away but my military training helped me keep alert even in a state of rest. Having slept for only few hours, it is nearly 1 am and I heard something shuffle behind me.

"Romano. Put your gun away. It's me."

I will always recognize that voice.


When I saw my comrade whom I treated as a brother, we hugged just like old times.

I felt relief and fear all at the same time. Relieved that it was him who found me but fear that he will take Saphira away from me. Knowing Trey, he is always on the good side. He will never allow me to keep Saphira.

"Hellow brother. How have you been? You know why I am here right?"

"Trey. I can't give her back. She's all I have."

"That is not true. You have me. You always have me. You still have your family. Why

After almost 20 minutes of blocking and sparring and trying to jab each other's faces and kick each other, I was pinned to the ground by my best friend.

"You're still good Romano but out of practice. Now, behave while I arrange our ride out of here."

Hearing the click of his handcuffs sealed my fate.

"Franco. . ."

Hearing Saphira's voice renewed my rage and desires. I thought if I cannot be with Saphira then she should never be with anyone else.

While Trey was busy with his phone arranging the private plane to bring us to safety, I stealthily pulled the knife in my boots. It's a good thing I can throw daggers even if handcuffed.

I aimed at the love of my life.

If I can't have her. No one will.

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