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   Chapter 31 Realization

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We were almost caught. I was still lucky I have thought of everything beforehand. The family decoy and diversion was effective.

Now I just need to ensure I don't have any loose ends.

Looking at the list of abandoned safe houses we have used during our military days, I figured I have to choose the farthest and least used to ensure that they will not track us easily.

I parked at a shopping mall and we transferred into another car. Saphira was still unconscious and I had to carry her out of the cab into the other car. This part of the parking area has no installed CCTV camera.

Now, we just have to drive to the safe house undetected and tomorrow, the private plane that will be flying us out to Morocco will be ready.

Soon, Saphira will be mine. Nobody can ever take her away from me. I will no longer feel empty and unloved. She will learn to love me and care for me just like Carina did before.

"Franco. . . please help me. . .Franco. . . I need you. . ."

I looked at Saphira and was about to cover her mouth so I won't hear about her Franco when I felt her feverish face. She was delirious with her fever. I had to hurry. The safe house if I am not mistaken, has some medical supplies and food that may help us.

After an hour drive, we reached the safe house near the coast. This will be a perfect spot to fly the private plane tomorrow morning that will take us to paradise Morocco.

"Saphira, we're here. I will just prepare your food."

"Franco. . . please I need water."

"My name is Romano! Why do you keep on saying that name when I am just here for you. I am always here for you."

My heart is breaking whenever I hear someone else's name come out from her lips. I want her to be mine but how can I do that if she keeps on thinking about that Franco?

Why can't anybody love me and accept me?

I will not give up. It was a wrong move to let Carina go before. I searched for her to know why she cheated but she was gone. Now, with Saphira, I will not back down. She will be mine.

Agent Trey

I found them. But I cannot tell these guys where. I had to go by myself first and try to reason out with Romano. If I bring the Police, he might get hurt. I know just what to do.

Faking a

distance flights? Can you do that using the satellites or something?"

"Geez, the sporty boy returned to being a genius. Do your girls know you were a geek before you became super hunk?"

"Shut up man and do your thing!"

After a few minutes of his tinkering with his computers. Yes, Ralph have a massive computer setup complete with satellite dish, four big monitor screens and a gigantic CPU that lets him do powerful hacking and computer stuffs.

"I got it!"

"I tracked Romano's private plane collections and one was scheduled to be flown near the coast. It so happens there was also a safe house near that area according to CIA's files. Now, hurry. Here's the address. The CIA will be here soon and I just hope they will still accept me as their new recruit, since they offered it to me last week, else man, you have to visit me in jail"

"Thanks man! I know you can get out of that mess. You're the best right?"

"Yeah. And don't forget that I was your best friend too. So visit me in jail!"

"I will! Thanks Ralph!"

"Go! And good luck with your girl. I hope you find her. Dodge the bullets if ever there will be some!"

And so we rushed out of the house before the authorities arrive. We looked at the address and even if we are not equipped with any training or weapons, we knew we had to go there immediately for Saphira's sake.

The realization that Saphira may be in deeper trouble now that two trained military agents may be against us makes me shiver in fear.

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