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Five hours passed and my plan failed. I thought I saw something from the opposite building adjacent to Saphira's hotel room. I thought I saw a telescope that may have been used by Romano to monitor our movements.

Together with the Police, we went to check my hunch. We saw the telescope and it was owned by a little boy who checked in the room with his parents a night before.

The weird thing about the room was it was all frilly and pink. Something that is unusual to be rented by a family.

When we went to the room with the Police, the boy and his parents were out. But we saw their luggage and the police found nothing wrong. Rob and I tried to go inside the bedroom but the police said there was no need for us to investigate further.

A good news was waiting for us at the hotel when we got back. Saphira's Billionaire father sent a secret agent.

"Rob, Franco, this is Agent Trey. He is one of the best operative agents of the government and he will help us recover Saphira from his captor."

"From here on, I will be in charge of this case. I have been briefed already and here are my initial findings. The room you have been to just now was the room initially used by Romano and Saphira. She was removed from the place just 45 minutes from your arrival. I hacked inside the hotel's system and cctv footages to validate this claim. Romano did not check out of the hotel since he used a family as decoy. The family who helped him to rent the room is now in our office for questioning."

"But, where is Saphira now?"

"I am getting there. Please don't interrupt."

This man is serious business. I just hope he will be the key to save Saphira.

you ever go near Romano or anyone of his family ever again. If not, I will make sure you and all your relatives will have one or few of your fingernails and toe nails pulled out. You know what I am capable of. And I am sure that you know Romano cannot hurt you. But believe me that I am not going to think twice and make you suffer for all the pain you caused my brother."

After that, Carina packed her bags and never showed her face again. That was seven years ago. I stayed with Romano for a year and when I thought he was doing good and has recovered from his emotional breakdown, I returned to the service. Even if he was still qualified to return with me, he chose to be a civilian. He said that his heart cannot take another death and violence.

I lost track of him and I am not sure why he did not keep in touch. I looked for him when I returned to America two years ago but my superiors said he doesn't want anyone from his past to know where he was. I was hurt but I knew he has his reasons.

Now, here I am, trying to clean up his mess and hopefully save his life.

I just hope I am not too late.

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