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   Chapter 29 Heartbreak

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Updated: 2018-02-01 19:03

As much I detested everything that Romano provides, I have to eat. I felt weaker every second that I think about my being held captive here. I have to be strong if I will execute my escape plan. With one hand, I ate the breakfast and finished off the orange juice.

Searching the room for any escape route, I found none. The only way out is through the door which I am sure that Romano is somewhere outside of this bedroom. I hear his footsteps. It was like he was pacing back and forth. If only I have worn a different outfit, my plan would have been easier. Now I have to use my charm, if I ever have one to try and get out of this mess. Looking at my left hand, I had an idea, something that will either help me or leave me in tears.


"Aaaaaargh!!! Romano! Please I am begging you. . . help me."

Her pained voice brought me back


"Romano, please listen to me. If you love me let me go. You are hurting me this way. That is not love. This is not love."

"Don't teach me how to love! I know what I'm doing! Come on! We'll treat that and then we'll get out of here."

My military training included some medical training for survival. I knew then I have to take care of her wound. It's a good thing it was just a surface wound and probably slight concussion since she can still recognize me.

After that, I gave her some pain relievers and sleeping pills so I can execute my next plan.

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