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   Chapter 28 Crazy

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When the security team arrived at the hotel suite, I explained Romano's motives. They didn't believe me at first since it was their comrade I was accusing of kidnapping but after showing them the box with his handwriting, they believed me. One of the guards identified also the gift wrapper as something he saw from Romano's things.

"He is deliriously obsessed with Saphira. From the moment I met him, I always sensed something bad from him. He was different whenever Saphira is near. He looks at her differently, as if he was eyeing a prey or dinner. I always feel the need to guard her away from Romano."

"Have you told Saphira about what you observed?"

"Yes Rob, I did. But she wouldn't hear about it. She said he was only doing his job and watching her was his job as security. She also told me that at one time they were close like they were friends. But then when she left for vacation last year, when she came back, he was different, like he was never her friend before."

"What could have happened to trigger this craziness?"

"Maybe he was crazy to begin with. I don't know, but I have this feeling that he took her. He may be planning this for some time now. He was the one sending all those gifts based on the wrappers and the handwriting for the notes. No wonder he can sneak in untraced, he knows her schedule and he can approach her anytime he wants."

"I remember when Saphira and I have our nightly dinners, he always look at me with so much contempt and hatred. I thought it was only my imagination or I was just thinking too much, but now I realized, he was being territorial. But why, Saphira was never his to begin with."

I almost lost my train of thought when I heard Rob admit that Saphira and him were having "nightly dinners". Wait, was that a date or what?

"Franco? Were you listening?"

"Huh? Ah. Yes. What was that again?"

"I said, now that we have proof we have to cal

ning and Good night greetings that all her guards are expected to do.

Things got better, because of her new friend Franco, whom I really despised. He changed her. She became another person, cheerful and sweet. She was always happy even when her parents were not in town. She forgot everyone around her when Franco was with her. She forgot about me.

I tried to woo her by sending her gifts and notes. I made her smile but it was not enough. She still does not want anyone but Franco. When the conference was planned and they were both going, I knew I had to do something. I could have beaten up her best friend so he would not be able to go with her but fate meddled for my sake.

I thought my plans could run smoothly. I could pursue Saphira once she is away from her friend. Since she is alone and do not have anyone to turn to but me. But another prick came into the picture. He has money and influence. With the poor guy, it was a difficult fight, now how am I supposed to compete with this rich prick Rob?

I watched his every move, how he looked at her with so much longing. How he always tried to make her happy. When they became closer, I knew I lost my fight. She will never be mine. So I had to take action. Rob or Franco will never have Saphira. She belongs to me.

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