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   Chapter 27 Far Away

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I have been waiting at the hotel for almost an hour before he arrived.

He looked distraught and out of sorts. It was like he had been awake since last night without an ounce of sleep.

When I approached him, I sensed some fear from him but then I saw him mask his emotions and waited for me.

"Rob? I'm Franco, Saphira's friend."

"Yes, I know who you are."

"I am looking for Saphira."

He seemed to look behind him as if someone may have been listening before he pulled me in a corner and whispered something that really surprised me.

"The problem here is, I am looking for her too."

"What?! I don't understand. I called her home and said that she will be attending some event in New York? Were you aware of that?"

"Actually I was told the same thing too. I called her parents directly and asked about Saphira since last night I told her I will see her after I went out with our friends."

"You left her alone?"

"I wanted her to come with me like we originally planned but she said she wanted to rest. Franco, I was gone for only an hour! I came back immediately to check if she is alright. I told her to stay in her room but when I get back, she was gone, which I am sure she will never do without sayin

omano. Her security."

"What? But why?!"

"I'll explain later, we have to warn her parents but we have to talk to her other security first. Can you help me with that?"

"Yes. I will just make a few calls. We can meet them here. I will also call my parents maybe they can use their connections in this city."

"Rob, we have to keep them from leaving this city. It would be difficult for us to find them if they are far away. Romano is a trained military and will know how to go away undetected."

"Yes. I know. Now let's catch this bastard!"

I saw genuine care and concern from Rob that I was starting to think that Saphira and him were not only conference buddies. Was there anything to be afraid and jealous of?

One problem at a time, now he has to go and hunt that devil that took his Saphira away from him.

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