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   Chapter 26 Nightmare

The Billionaire's Daughter By magbmara Characters: 5538

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I had a dream. It felt so real. I was waiting for the elevator when someone grabbed me from the back and I passed out. It was a good thing I was awake now.

But looking around the room, I realized I was not in my hotel room. It was a room I do not recognize. Lavishly decorated but not my style. It was painted with peach colored paint with gold circular patterns and outlines as wall design. Looking at my right, I saw I was lying in a four poster bed with white and pink covers. A food tray was beside me with bacon, omelet and orange juice.

I slept the whole night or was I passed out the entire time? But where am I? Was I really kidnapped or is this just an awful joke?

Feeling thirsty all of sudden, I tried to stand up and realized that my left hand was handcuffed to the bedpost.

This is not a dream. This is a nightmare.

I looked out the window and see some semblance of light. I heard some cars outside. This place could still be in the city where I was attending the conference. Rob must have been very worried by now. Was he looking for me? What about Franco and my parents. Were they notified of my absence?

Thinking about all these things made me want to cry. But I had to remain strong. I will not show my captor that I am weak. I have to fight him no matter what.

I heard the door outside opened, my heart almost jumped out of my chest with fear but I tried to look calm and brave. Footsteps echoed as he approached the room I was in. Then the door opened and I was both pained and shocked about who entered the room. My suspicions were right. The stalker was with me all along. It was one of the persons I trusted the most.

a few cash with me and booked the earliest one way flight to San Francisco. I need to find you Saphira. I have to hear it from you directly. I know you will never do something rash like this without telling me.

Few scenarios crept into my mind while on the flight. Maybe she got tired of me? But we were fine before she went for the conference. Did she find out about Madeleine's kiss? But how? I will be the one to tell her that and we haven't talked since before she left. I was always busy and out and whenever she calls, I was either not available or my phone has no signal.

Saphira, please be safe. I will look for you. Just wait for me and be safe. If anything bad happens to you, I will never forgive myself. I should have been there with you.

I have to find Rob. He can tell me where Saphira is. I am sure he has something to do with her disappearance. Madeleine told me that she approached Rob to connive with her to seduce me so he can have Saphira. I am not sure if he agreed or not but once I proved that he is behind this, I will not think twice about beating up his pretty face.

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