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   Chapter 25 Suspicions

The Billionaire's Daughter By magbmara Characters: 5472

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On our last day, I received a package at my hotel room. It was not signed and I was half expecting it to be from Rob as a parting gift perhaps. For a second, I thought of the previous gifts I received at my school locker, they have the same gift wrapper as the one I received. It may just be a coincidence or could it be the same sender?

I opened the gift and screamed at the contents. It was a picture of me with note written in red ink "I will get you SLUT!!!" taped inside the box. The worst part is the crawling worms and cockroaches all over it. I immediately closed the box and threw it outside the room.

Rob must have heard me from across the hall. He opened his door and saw me pale faced and in shock. He looked at the box and back at me. That was when everything sunk in and I started to cry.

He hastily approached as if he was scared of what was happening to me. He kept on looking at the box and at me. He kicked the box away without asking me what was inside that made me act so scared.

When he reached me, he just hugged me and said sorry. He kept on saying sorry. I told him what happened. That I have been receiving gifts like that back at home but this time it was awful.

"It was like the person was suddenly mad at me or something. What could I have done to deserve that? I never did anything wrong to anyone. Not that I know of. Who could have done this?"

"Shhhh. . . I'm sorry Saphira. You don't deserve any of this. You are a good person inside and out. Stop crying. We'll sort this out, I promise."

"I thought I could still have fun tonight before we leave tomorrow but now, I don't think I coul

oor to see him.

"I'll let you rest but I'll be back later to check on you. Please be safe."

"Yes. Thank you Rob. Enjoy the night!"

"I won't be happy without you Saphira. Never."

I almost did not hear those last words and I felt guilty for being suspicious of him. Rob, who had been my only friend here. For the past days, he took good care of me. He was a perfect gentleman, never taking advantage of our friendship and our closeness.

How could I suspect that he was the one behind all this stalking and craziness is beyond me. It is not Rob, the fear dissipated and was replaced with worry that I could lose our friendship if I didn't go and follow him.

After a few minute more of weighing the alternatives, I decided to join him and our friends. I quickly finished dressing up and went outside the room.

I was waiting for the elevator when I felt someone approach. Then strong arms grabbed me. A soft cloth with a dizzy spell or solution covered my nose and mouth.

My last recollection was seeing someone wearing a black hooded mask before I succumb to darkness.

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