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   Chapter 24 Replacement

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The past three days went by in a blur of educational fun and excitement. I half expected the conference to be boring but I was wrong. There were discussions but there were also activities that tested the delegates' patience, endurance and leadership skills.

There was one day we played games like those in "Minute to Win It". Some Philippine inspired game "Pinoy Henyo" which Rob and I really enjoyed a lot. It was like a modified charades game, which everyone really loved.

The discussions were very empowering and educational. It would really help me on my journey to University. The Conference all in all was an unforgettable experience, which I will treasure forever. Another good thing about it was gaining new friends. I was able to meet and befriend students from different schools which I may have a chance of meeting again in the future. Of course, who could forget about Rob. He was a heaven sent. A very trusted new friend.

Rod and I really bonded well because of this trip. In just a span of three days, due to the quality time we had, we got to know about each other and ended up being closer friends.

We had "friendly-not-a-date" dinner every night and surprisingly, I enjoyed his company. He makes me laugh and he always pay attention to each word I say. He remembers everything I told him about me and he surprises me each night with something that I told him previously.

Like the first night he gave me my favorite flower, yellow carnations. The second night, he ordered my favorite desert chocolate mouse and then asked me to watch a late movie at the hotel's theater room with my favorite movie "A Walk To Remember" and with Caramel Popcorn that I absolutely loved. Tonight, he asked the Restaurant's b

regret crossed his face. I waved at him and smiled and after a few seconds of just staring at me, thankfully he seemed to remember me and smiled back. Slowly disentangling himself from the flirtatious girl, he walked towards our seat.

"Hey. I was worried about you. I was about to go back for you when you entered the hall."

"Sorry. I was. . . . late due to some. . ."

"No need to explain. I understand."

"No you don't."

It was a silent whisper but I heard it. I don't think he want to talk about it but later I will find out what the problem is.


When he looked at me, I saw sadness in his eyes and it was natural for me to feel protective of him since he is now my friend.

"Is there something wrong, Rob? You can tell me you know."

I wanted to hold him, hug him and tell him that whatever it is I will listen. But of course, we were at the Conference and something cheesy as that will not go unnoticed, so I just took his hand and held it tight.

"Soon I'll tell you. For now, I'm happy. Just don't let go of my hand."

With that, we attended our last day of conference together. Literally together, holding hands.

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