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   Chapter 23 Separation Anxiety

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Being away from Saphira for a day was torture but what made it worse was the amount of time I spend dodging and hiding from Madeleine.

The two times she saw me she insisted to have lunch or dinner.

I thought she already accepted that we can't be together anymore but I guess I was wrong. She was being persistent and irritating to say the least.

She even followed me in the café where I was working.

"Franco, you have a customer waiting for you at table 3. She insisted that you serve her drinks."


Honestly, I don't care anymore if I was being rude but I am at work and I need to treat the customers with respect.

"What can I help you with?"

That's when she pulled me beside her and she actually kissed me.

Being in shock made me freeze on the spot and she took that as a sign to deepen the kiss. As she teased my lips with hers, her tongue seeking for entrance, I was momentarily brought back to the time when I wished that she kissed me that way. Seconds passed and I felt myself reacting to the kiss. She took advantage and shifted her position to straddle me. It was a good thing that the table where she was at was somewhat hidden and that the café was deserted with only a few customers else I may have been fired.

Her hands were amazing and was grinding, groping and caressing me in places I can't even name. She knew my weakness and she used that to lure me in her trap.

"Let's. . . go. . . somewhere. . .else. I. . . missed. . .you." Madeleine said in between kisses and her voice was like a bucket of ice cold water to me, which brought me back my sanity.

I ended the kiss and tried to push her away from me.

"Don't fight it. I know you felt something. You still have feelings for me. I can make you remember how much you love me."

"I'm sorry Madeleine, this is wrong. I shouldn't have done this. Please let go. I still have work to do."

"Franco baby, please don't be stubborn. I can feel your desire. I felt your heat. You still want me."

"How dare you use this to get me. Don't go down to this level Madeleine. This is not you. Please, just let me go."

I saw her expression change and I kne

is a sports buff and he said yes. Of course it was obvious since we somehow knew each other, but for the other category like "can eat 1 whole chicken in 5 minutes" and "cross dresses during weekends" really? How can I ask someone that question? Thankfully after talking with seven people who seemed nice enough to write their names on my card, 10 winners were picked and so we all settled down on our seats.

I must admit it was fun and I got to know that I looked like a model, princess, singer and beauty queen. Well, those were from the other delegates. They kept on asking if I was included in any of those categories.

"Why are you smiling?"

"Huh? I didn't even know. Was I?"

"You were. And it was a beautiful smile."

"Oh shut up."

"No, really you're smile is cute and you are beautiful."

I blushed since I don't normally hear any compliments about my looks.

"Thanks. I guess."

"Can we have dinner together? I mean, after the conference? I know a good Italian restaurant here."

"I don't think that's a good idea."

"Why not?"

"Can we just talk about this later? The lecture is about to start."

"Ok. But not for a second am I giving up on this invitation."


And so I have more things to think about now. How will I talk to Franco now that I can't even reach his number? And lastly, how will I survive with this person sitting beside me who is starting to make me feel conscious and confused?

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