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   Chapter 22 Friend

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I woke up at five am still feeling sleepy. I went home late the previous night when I visited Franco's mother. She was still demanding that I force Franco to go to San Francisco with me but knowing his son, once his mind was made up, no one, not even me can change that.

Good thing I already packed my things the day before and now I am all set for the one and a half hour flight to San Francisco. The school adviser called me that I will meet the new delegate later at the airport and I am feeling nervous. What if I will not be comfortable with him or her?

My mother insisted that I use the Limo on the way to the airport and I was already halfway to the airport when I found out I forgot to bring my cellphone with me. I left it on the charging station at my room. I called Franco's phone from the Limo's phone line.


"Hi Bestfriend. I am now on my way to the airport."

"Why are you using another number? Where is your phone?"

"Well, that is why I called, I forgot it at home and I would be late for my flight if I will go back for it. So I guess, you won't be hearing from me for four days and three nights huh?"

"Oh God, just thinking about it makes me want to fly with you."

"Really? You can still go you know."

I heard him sigh at the other line.

"I want to but you know I can't."

"I understand."

"Promise me you'll take care? Now that you don't even have your phone with you, you can't update me with your activities and if your safe. I just have to take your word for it."

"Yes I promise. We've been discussing this since last night."

"Yes, but last night, I didn't know you are dumb enough to leave your phone behind."


He chuckled with my protest.

"Just please stay out of trouble?"

Hearing his worried and pained voice made me want to just go back home.

"I will, don't worry. I will call you from the hotel room once I have checked in."

"Alright. Have a safe flight."

"Duh! It will only be a one and a half hour plane ride."

"Still, be safe."

"Ok. Bye Bestfriend, say hi to your mom for me."


After checking in and boarding

eral questions about himself.

During the sumptuous breakfast we were laughing along to some pick up jokes he was telling me.

"Are you a camera?"


"Coz every time I look at you, I smile."

"If you were a vegetable, what do you think you will be?"


"A cutecumber."

"Did we have class together?"

"Ah. . . no?"

"Really, coz I think we have chemistry together."

With that last line I decided to change the subject.

"I didn't know you were funny. I thought you were all sporty and stuff."

"Nah. I am funny with my close friends especially my team mates."

"You seem rather friendly. Me, I only have one friend back home."

"Ouch. You hurt me. Am I not a friend now?"

"I guess you are now."

"Come on, we have to go or else we will be late for orientation."

"Okay. Thanks for breakfast by the way. You should have let me pay for my food."

"What kind of knight would I be if I let the lady pay?"

And he said that with an English accent while bowing like a knight.

I find him fun to be with just like Franco. He is also a gentleman like my best friend.

I was mentally scolding myself for always comparing them but I really can't help it. Franco is my benchmark for a man to trust and I know I have to be careful since I still do not know Rob that well.

Nevertheless, I am glad to have found a new friend since I am miles away from my best friend.

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