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   Chapter 21 Complications

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When everything was all set and the following day we will be travelling to San Francisco, something happened.

"Franco Briones. You are wanted at the Principal's Office."

I could have asked Saphira to join me but she was presenting her report in front of the class when I was called by one of the faculty.

"Good morning Sir, you called me?"

"Yes, well, I don't know how to tell you this but someone from your mother's work called in just a few minutes ago. Your mother collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. She did not say anything else but to inform you to go to Saint Therese Hospital near your area."

If I was not at the Principal's office I could have ran and rushed to the hospital.

"Franco, please tell me that you will still go to the Conference tomorrow?"

"Sir, I don't think leaving my mother will be a good idea. If possible, can you still look for a replacement?"

"I was afraid you will tell that, but yes, I think I can find someone on a short notice. But I will still keep your ticket and hotel accommodation just in case you changed your mind. Just inform me immediately so we can compromise."

"Thank you Sir for your consideration. May I please be excused? I need to go see my mother."

"Yes yes of course. I hope nothing serious happened."

"Thank you Sir. I hope so too."

And so I rushed to the hospital to find my mother sleeping with some IV and some equipment to check her oxygen and heart rate.

"Sir, the doctor wants to speak to you at his office."

"Thank you Nurse."

When I got to the Doctor's office I was very nervous, I was praying that everything will be alright and that my mom's condition is not serious."

"Mr. Briones, have a seat."

"Thank you Sir"

"Well, we both know that your mother's health especially her heart is weak. Last month I told her to take it easy at work and rest for at least a week off every once in a while from work so she can rest but she insisted that sh

d again."

"Oh Franco. I could have been there for you. I'm sorry for nagging at you. I was just worried."

"I know. But everything is fine now. We can go home this afternoon."



"You're not going with me to the conference now, are you?"

"You know me too well bestie."

I heard her deep sigh at the other end of the line.

"I understand. I know how much you will be worried for your mom if you were miles away from her. Don't worry about me, I will take care of myself so you don't have to worry."

"Are you sure you're going to be fine without me?"

"I will do my best. I have been independent for so long and I think four days alone will not be that bad."

"Oh. But I think someone will still go with you."


"I don't know too. Perhaps tomorrow you will find out."

"Why do I have this weird feeling that I will not like my new companion?"

"Bestie, what's not to like. As long as it will not be one of the bullies which I highly doubt since the school need a reliable and reputable delegate, you will do good."

"Well, I hope so. I will go over your house later after school. Just text me when you're already there. I also want to visit your mom."

"Okay. Thanks. Go on I know your next class will start in five minutes."

"See you later!"

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