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   Chapter 20 Trip

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One afternoon, we were called to the School's Faculty Room.

"Franco and Saphira, being the top two seniors of this batch, you will be sent to San Francisco to represent the school for an Inter State Student's Conference. It is a good thing that the location is only here in California. The school will be providing airfare and accommodations. But the accommodations will be for the hotel only. The allowance for food and other things will be at your personal expense. It will be for 4 days and 3 nights."

"How about shool Mrs. Diaz? Won't our ranking be affected by the duration of our absence?"

"Nice question Saphira, both of you will be excused from your classes and homework since you will be gone for the school's sake. Your ranking and grades should not be affected."

"What if one of us cannot afford to join the Conference, will that have an impact?"

"No. Replacements will be necessary but that wouldn't affect your current standing, although this will be a good opportunity for you especially if you are aiming to go to Harvard or to Princeton. Most of the past delegates were admitted without question partly based on the

San Diego and she agreed, no scratch that, she demanded that I should attend. She and I were both saving money for my university and she said that spending a part of it will not hurt. We can just work harder to replace the money. What was important was to grasp this opportunity.

"Franco, you live only once. Do not limit yourself when opportunities like this come your way. And besides, will you be at peace knowing that Saphira is miles away from here without you?"

Of course, my mother knows which strings to pull and Saphira is my weakness. After some thinking, I gave in and submitted the form together with Saphira.

To say that she was ecstatic was understated. She almost strangled me with happiness and I can't help but be glad for my decision.

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