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   Chapter 19 Threat

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I have been receiving mysterious notes and gifts on my locker for the past week. From cheesy notes saying "You light up my day.", "Your smile makes the bright sun seem dull." Or bold statements like "Will you be mine?" "Looking forward to spending time with you." "You look ravishing." Gifts such as chocolates and little stuffed animals. At first I thought it was from Franco but the hand writing says differently and whenever we were together he never mentioned anything.

It was fun at first but after two weeks, I was feeling conscious and creeped out. The mysterious admirer seemed to be watching my every move. He knows my routine and he always knows when to put the notes without me finding out who he was. I tried to catch him a few times but I end up wasting my time.

Last week I told Franco about the gifts and he was concerned that I earned myself a stalker. From then on, during his free time he always ensures I was with him. Even during after school hours at 4 pm we always go to the café he was working. He will work his daily four hour shift during the days when my parents were out of town, which is most of the time, I will wait for him in a corner table of the café studying or browsing the net.

He grew protective of me whenever my guards were not around. He even discussed my security detail with my body guard.

"Saphira, make sure you do not go out of the school alone. Even on the school grounds you have to be careful. No loitering whenever I am not with you."

"Don't you think you are over acting here?"

"We have to be sure. We don't know his intentions."

"What if he just wants to be friends?"

"If he wanted that he could have approached you before and not stalking you like a psycho."

"I hope this ends soon. I want to be able to act without feeling like I am being watched all the time."

"Well, technically, you were always watched since you have two

ay. His mother also prepared Caesar Salad, Roast Chicken and Ribs.

"I really loved your cooking Saphira. The cake is very delicious."

"Thank you ma'am. Dinner is perfect especially the ones you made."

"Stop calling me ma'am. You can call me Auntie or Mom if you want."

"Ahhhm. Auntie?"

"Better than Ma'am, though I preferred Mom."

I heard her whisper the last words and I was secretly pleased she wanted me to call her Mom.

"Hey you two have you been talking about me?"

"No son. For a moment there we even forgot you were here."

"Ouch. What a hurtful thing to say on a person's birthday."

And his mom and I laughed together when we saw Franco's faked hurt face. He was even clutching his chest for added effect.

That day I felt like finally I belonged somewhere. I may just be a side member of their family but at least I felt like I mattered and I was appreciated. Franco is very lucky to have a mother who was there for him and his mother is also very blessed to have a son like him. They were both willing to sacrifice and work hard for each other.

They may not be blessed financially but as I see the love and adoration they have for each other, I wish that in the future, I'll be able to show my love to my children the same way.

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