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   Chapter 17 Care

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One week passed since Franco told me about his past. We were both busy the days that followed because of our exams, his work and the launch of my restaurant.

I was searching for him at the cafeteria where we were supposed to meet when I saw Francine and her group. They were talking animatedly to another girl, probably the transfer student that I was still not able to encounter.

Their group stood up to get their food. The girl stood up and turned around. When I saw her face I felt my knees buckle with the sudden emotion that came over me. Even if I have only seen her face in pictures, I still recognized her. I will never forget that face.


I remembered that Franco will meet me here and I knew I had to keep him away from the cafeteria so that they will not see each other.

I was so flustered that when I turned to get out of that place I bumped on another person and all his food came flying. Some even landed on my head and face. Talk about a silent exit.

"Hey, are you alright? Sorry. I was not looking at where I was going."

The handsome man steadied me and tried to remove the food that was now sticking on my hair and face.

"Here, use my hanky."

"Thanks. I'm sorry too. I was kind of in a hurry and was also not looking."

"Here, let me."

He was wiping my face with his handkerchief even if he was also soaked with juice and water from our collision. I can't look at his face as I was really embarrassed and I can feel the eyes of everyone at the cafeteria looking at us.


To make things worse, Francine and her group approached and being the good persons that they were, they did what they were used to.

"Hey nerd. If you want to get noticed by Rob here you could have just approached him and not causing a scene."

"Francine. That was uncalled for."

"Rob, don't be a victim of her conniving ways. She's pretending to be distressed so you will notice her."

"I don't care if she was pretending, at least she looked innocent enough, unlike you. Just leave us alone."

"Don't tell me I didn't warn you."

I saw them leave and I

ot too. I wonder if I am also having a fever.


"Here, let me."

Like his own private nurse, I fed him the chicken soup. Seeing his appreciative face while eating the food I cooked brought me immense happiness. After feeding him, I gave him his medicine.

"Go lie down again. You may sleep again so you will feel better."

"How about you? Have you had your dinner?"

"I did while I was cooking. Of course I had to taste if the food I made was edible enough."

"Your food is amazing as always. If this is the life of a sick person, I guess being sick is not bad at all."

"Silly! You have to get well soon so you can get back at school. We can't relax now that finals are near. You know we have to graduate first in our class right."

"You will graduate first and I will be second place. I have learned to accept that fact way back."

"Oh shut up. You are a worthy competition. Just studying with you is challenging enough."


When I looked at him I saw it again, the look of adoration and tenderness laced with gratitude.


"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Our lingering moment of silence was broken by her mother's arrival.

"Franco! I'm home! I bumped into someone and she's now here to visit you."

When they entered the room, I felt like I wanted to get sick right there and then just to escape the confrontation that will soon occur.

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