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   Chapter 16 Acceptance

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Sharing the pain of my past with Saphira was enlightening. She made me realize that her presence alone was like a balm to my wounds. Her words, her hug, just merely being with her makes me feel at peace and carefree.

As she read the letter, I saw how her face registered hurt and hate. Hurt for me and hate for the one who inflicted my pain. I wanted to hug her and tell her that I am alright. That I was no longer affected by Madeleine's insensitive and hurtful words.

It may be because of Saphira why I now felt free. Hearing the last part of her letter, I knew that finally I can say that I have moved on.

Take care and I hope if ever we crossed paths, you have already moved on so I won't have any more problems.

"Seriously?! She has some nerve!"

I saw the rage in her eyes. She was all red and fuming with anger. If there was one thing I would want to avoid in the future was this side of Saphira. She was so mad.

"Calm down. Hearing the letter again this time made me realize one thing."


I wanted to say that I am scared from her anger but I guess now is not the time. So I answered with the other truth I was feeling that moment.

"That I have finally moved on. The letter does not hurt my anymore."

"How can you not be hurt when everything in that god damn letter was a lie?!"

"Saphira, calm down. For you it may be a lie but for her, that wa

e that to burn the pictures and letters inside. The letters I wrote for Madeleine, which I remember that I didn't receive any letters from her. I was grateful for Saphira that she did not ask to read the letters.

Even the pictures, she burned them without even looking. I found her expression amusing. It was like she was allergic to the contents of the box. If she can use forceps to touch the letters and pictures, I figure she would.

As we burned everything, I felt lighter. Seeing Saphira's satisfied smile made everything better.

I was glad she followed me home. I was glad that she was with me today. I just hope that in the coming days, when she found out that Madeleine was back, she will still stay with me.

I just don't want to ruin the moment we were having. Just silently staring at the flames, I pulled her towards me and she leaned her head on my shoulders. I will do everything just to keep her with me.

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