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   Chapter 15 His Past

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As I was hugging Franco, I realized that I will do everything in my power to ease the pain he was feeling. If only I can do anything to relieve his burden. He has been with me whenever I feel sad or alone and I promised myself that I will do the same for him. With his stubbornness and macho attitude I know it won't be easy to get him to start relying on me but I will try my best to let him know I will do anything just to make him happy.

After a while, he stopped crying and was just hugging me while I continuously stroke his back as a sign of comfort. How do I know that he was crying despite his silence? Easy, my shirt was soaking wet with his tears.

Still not letting go of me, he started telling me his story.

"I met Madeleine on my last year at Delaney Public School. She was, well, my first love."

I felt like my heart was ripped apart when I heard his words but of course, I can't let him notice that.

"She was my everything. All my plans in my life before were mainly to provide a comfortable life for her. She is also rich like you but her parents openly detested me. They treated me like I was a plague whenever I come and visit their home. I heard every insult they throw at me. She never treated me that way but thinking about it, she never defended me either. She just asked me to be patient with her parents and that when I became successful they will love me too, so she says."

It was distracting how he was unconsciously tracing circles on my back and how his breath was fanning my head as he spoke but I was very much interested in his story. It will explain his behavior towards me.

"I tried my best to give her all the love I can to cover up for my deficit in social status. After our first anniversary, she began to change. She was one of the reason why I applied for a scholarship here. On our last school day before summer, that was the school year before I transferred, she left me. That day I just found this box at our doorstep."

I felt the hurt and sadness in his voice when he mentioned their breakup.

"She didn't even have the guts to

pain or anger. He was telling the truth.

"You are very special to me you know that, and reading this letter really makes me feel so violent. It was crushing my heart how she perceived you and how she fooled you into thinking she loved you."

"I can see that you know."


"I can see that I am special to you and that you are very very furious."

He hugged me again.

"Will you stop hugging me! I can't concentrate!"

"That's good so you'll stop being angry. You can tear up that letter if you want. If you want we can even burn everything on this box."


"Aawww. why did you push me? Hey, where are you going?"

"Looking for a match and somewhere to burn those awful stuff.

I can't help it I guess I was really affected with the way that woman hurt him. All I want was to burn all the contents of the box. In a way I will be destroying all their memories and that makes me excited and relieved all at the same time.

Franco deserves someone better. He deserves someone who will love him for who he really is and not just for what he can give. Like me, I love him for everything he is including his flaws and insecurities. Realizing this now made me look back at him. He was smiling at me with tenderness and adoration in his eyes.

At that moment, I knew, I am in love with my best friend. For your love Franco, I will do anything and everything.

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