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   Chapter 13 Trust

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I hurried back to where I left my best friend waiting and nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.

He was hugging someone.

I felt tears start to linger in my eyes. I don't know why but I felt like my heart was being torn into pieces when I saw him hugging and whispering to that girl's ears.

He suddenly pushed her away and I saw the girl was Francine.

I thought about everything that she said about me and I realized that Franco knew what I endured under her spiteful mouth. I started to banish the jealousy I was feeling. When he turned around, I saw his expression and I understood. He was furious at her.

"Saphira." His voice sounded worried and his face morphed from anger to utmost concern.

"Come on. Let's leave this place. We're taking the Limo."

I walked ahead of him and he followed in a safe distance. I knew he doesn't want any attention and being with me at my party sure as hell will be a cause of a stir.

I got in the waiting sleek black limo and he hesitated.

"Come on in. I have something to show you and we can't walk to go there, especially not with these killer heels."

"Fine." He huffed before getting in.

I showed the address to the driver and then we went on our way.

"Do you want something to drink? Chocolates? You didn't even eat anything at the party."

"Nah. I'm all good."

I noticed that he wasn't comfortable so I scooted near him and took his hand then leaned on his shoulder.

"Please relax. You're with me and it's my birthday."

"I just am not used to riding a limo. And technically your birthday was last week."

I just sighed and closed my eyes. The whiff of his scent gently calmed my senses and I didn't realize I was slowly drifting to dreamland.


I felt jittery riding a limo with her, but I know I can't disappoint her. Adding salt to injury, she took my hand and leaned into me.

God, her scent was overwhelmingly stimulating. It was like my whole body went on overdrive. But this is my best friend and I need to keep reminding myself that.

Franco, she's Saphira. Your bestfriend.

I was still contemplating with myself when I noticed her hand's grip started to loosen.

She must have been so tired. I adjusted my position, removed my hand from her grasp and draped my left arm on her shoulder so her head rests more comfortably in my chest. Resting my chin on top of her head, I punished myself by inhaling her vanilla scent.

help me and that you will soon get tired of me. I have a lot of hang ups and issues in life. Being with me is like a burden and I was scared that if I let myself get used to us being together, I will just hurt myself in the future."

I looked at her and her face said it all. She was afraid to lose me.

"I am sincere in wanting to be with you Saphira. I want to protect you and help you in any way that I can. I believe I told you that already."

"I know. And I feel your genuineness in your every action. Like tonight, I know it was against your better judgment but you still came to my party because I asked you. On my birthday, you gave me the greatest gift, time. I will always appreciate every gesture you do for me. And so this for me is my biggest gesture. To share a piece of myself to you."

"Saphira. . ." I could have kissed her then with the intensity of her gaze and the emotions I saw within.

"Franco, thank you for being my friend. I know we still have a long way to go. But as long as I know that you are with me on my journey, I know I can conquer any hurdles that may be thrown in my path."

"You just don't know how much you make me happy Saphira. I promise that I will never leave you. You're stuck with me. Now, can I have this dance?"

"Why not? We are dressed for a dance anyways."


She took my hand then remembered something.

"Wait, we need music."

She was about to get her phone when I stopped her.

"No we don't."

And so, we danced, silently and peacefully we savor our closeness. Sealing our friendship with renewed trust and unspoken devotion to each other.

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